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Back from the dead: Capcom confirms Resident Evil 2 Remake in the works

by Steve Powell on Aug 13, 2015 at 7:50 AM
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    No word yet on release date, supported gaming platforms, or even a hint of pricing, but the classic — and arguably most cherished — Resident Evil title to date is indeed in line to receive a much-deserved HD survival horror homage in the future.
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  1. MartinMilk
    I hope they make RE3 in the same game..
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  2. Nicole Colon
    I'm so excited for this!
    Been re-playing all of the games just to gear up and prepare myself for what is to come from this awesomeness!
  3. Mr. Death the Sexy Hunk
    For the love of god, use Fixed Camera's. I can't stress enough about how much it would ruin the game if the Third Person camera they are using currently was implemented into the game, Resident Evil 2 was built from the ground up with fixed camera's in mind and to take that away would completely ruin the whole idea of this Remake.
  4. sergio reyes ledesma
    Many people ready play this game .
  5. Luchance
    I think they should have just made a remake of 2 and 3 together and call it Racoon City Remake.
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    I second that.. RE 3 was basically the ending to Raccoon City saga.
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  7. Awaii-Lynne
    Yay! Super excited for this!
  8. Agent Spike
    As long as it has fixed camera angles and tank controls, I'm happy. Crimson Heads are welcomed! Damn, I'm very excited for this.

    Might as well remake 3 and make a bundle since 3 takes place before and after 2.
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  9. weskerondope

    i hope they remember to have the window that nemesis jumps through in re3 being broken allready in this remake
  10. Agent Spike
    Yeah! I was thinking about that. It always bothered me. Also, if I'm not mistaken, wasn't Marvin dead in 3 and was alive in 2?
  11. weskerondope
    well he does look dead, but i heard rumors that only played dead to hide from the zombies, but that seems a bit riddiculus, i mean why would he continue to play dead after jill had wasted all the zombies in that room? or maybe he was allready infected with the t virus so the zombies left him alone and he was passed out on the floor during jills visit there

    also in re 3 severall doors are boarded up, if they remake it they should just have the doors simply locked in re3, or if not maybe just in re2 have the boards laying on the floor close to the doors with a crowbar next to them or something

    but somehow i have a feeling capcom will mess all this up, lets hope im wrong though
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    I want to know who the hell sealed those doors!
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  13. weskerondope
    im even more curious about who took the boards off from the doors, and actually took the time of cleaning up afterwards aswell as wrecking the entire police station courtyard in less than 24 hours, and for what purpose,

    hell in re2 all those boarded up doors where locked anyway, and zombies cant open doors unless its cutscene so why put them there in the first place?
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  14. Maddy7
    Marvin was just unconcious in 3.
  15. nemesisStanley
    This is awesome! IV been waiting for this for years! I hope they remake nemesis next and code veronica would be siiiick too. If u dont like RE remakes then **** you
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  16. nemesisStanley
    Cant believe how many ppl hate on these remakes. I like the old style of gameplay with the crazy camera angles better than the new school stuff. I still like the new school stuff, dont get me wrong but the old stuff is just so dope and brings back soooo many memories. I felt like a lil kid again playing re one remake! Great job hope they keep the remakes coming!
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  17. weskerondope
    hell yeah
    i mostly like old school myself, but i dont see the reason why capcom suddenly stopped the old school just cause resident evil 4
    they could make both types of games

    specially in a case like this
  18. nemesisStanley
    Dude I was like a lil girl going to a Justin Bieber concert playing the remake. Like "oh my god its the mansion!" "holy **** the plant!"" No ****ing way the snake!" Lmao its so classic. I cant wait to be Leon and Clair running to the police station. I just came thinking about it. I need to go clean up....lol
  19. nemesisStanley
    Agreeed...to everything u just said..

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