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And we're back - apologies for the slow service and downtime

by Steve Powell on Jun 2, 2014 at 12:39 PM
  • Steve Powell

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    Good news, bad news time: Bad news being that, unfortunately, all posts submitted during the previous 24 hours have been lost. Sucks big time, I know, and it doesn't help that over the weekend we saw the server performing at its most sluggish pace yet. Stressed, I mostly certainly was, but there is some good news left to savour: We have a brand spanking new server, kitted out with some fresh and fancy hardware; the new server was deployed yesterday (I believe it was yesterday, anyway... it's all such a horrid, error-laden blue) and topics and pages and shizzy be loading faaast. Like, really fast.

    Turns out, and it's very shameful to have recently learned this, that one or two of our previous server's components were, apparently, faulty - and had been for some quite time. If ever you were struck by the double-post bug, or the endless-loading-graphic-in-the-top-right-corner glitch - then perhaps you'll take solace in the knowledge that your internet connection is fine; it was just the old server misbehaving. I was both relieved and gutted to discover all this because I was very much of the impression that we needed a major server upgrade -- something which I could not afford -- in order to get things operating nice and nippy again. However, the doctor prescribed a brand new server for the same monthly cost, and it's all been gravy since. Aside from the absence of the previous 24-hour's worth of posts, of course. That bit still stings a little.

    Mind you, we've come through the other side and things are looking better than ever. It's really quite inspiring and motivational, if I do say so, myself. I've got my little notepad to hand, scribbling down ideas to help make this place bigger and better and busier, and I can't wait to get started making these notes and doodlings a reality.

    So, yeah, if y'all could let me know if page load times and whatnot are feeling better for you guys, too, I'd really appreciate it. Apologies again for the server tardiness. You may commence the chucking of tinned tomatoes when ready.

    Big Steve love to all. <3
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  1. La Femme Fatale
    Oh man… all that spam I deleted from the moderation que is back….

    Let's just mass nuke it all?
    tremor likes this.
  2. KennedyKiller
    The load time is a MILLION Times better!
  3. Romero
    I'm back from some days leave and I knew nothing about this. Glad to see it works!

    I believe this is the third time a calamity strikes when I'm on leave. It's becoming a pattern lol.

    I see some changes around here? Something about the forum is different.... I think it has been reorganized.
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  4. KennedyKiller
    Not much, but slightly, yes.
  5. Angel
    *readies tins of tomatoes*
    Steve Powell likes this.
  6. Rain611
    I like the change, personally. It looks good.
  7. Romero
    It seems that one or two forums within "Raccoon City PD" are gone. I personally didn't use whatever is gone so I'm not sure how I feel about it. But I hope people who used it knows where to find the content now.

    Is "News & Announcements" just moved here? I didn't see it here before.

    I like the new fonts.
    But I hope that the round avatars are just an experiment, because they are BAD! Lol...

    (This is just a small thing) I deleted a thread and the action sent me to the main page. I would prefer being sent to the index in the subforum where the deleted thread was located.
  8. Steve Powell

    The forum reorganisation was to help restructure the clumsy old forums layout, and is still ongoing. There were important areas buried (and still are, but I'm working on it) inside sub-forums that required better exposure, such as the News & Announcements section which was previously only partially accessible from the homepage or through a bit of navigation via the Recent Posts link.

    We have new fonts? :confused:

    Regarding the circular avatars: If you guys want 'em gone, we can get rid. They seem a bit too trendy and chirpy and don't really fit the mood of a Resident Evil community, if I'm honest.

    Not sure why you would be redirected to the homepage, I'll look into that. I thought that Moderator actions would typically result in the Moderator being redirected to the same forum that the action was carried out in be default, but I might be wrong.
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  9. KennedyKiller
    Yeah, I think leaving the circular look would be good. I wasn't gonna say it, because it's not a HUGE deal, but The square look is a bit better I think...
  10. Romero
    *thumbs up*

    Lol I was confused too. :tongue: The font in News & Announcements is different from the rest of the forum. I like both fonts, but the one here (looks like Tahoma) is the best IMO.

    Haha, I didn't explain why I think they are bad. Part of it is what you just said, it doesn't really fit on a RE forum. But the other reason is that much detail is cut from the images, and look at my avatar! It now reads "ZOMBIES ATE FAST FO.." Everybody knows that no zombie ate fast food!!!!!! :p

    That's how it used to be and that's how I prefer it (but I don't know what LFF and Angel thinks). I was not just sent to the main forum page, I was sent to the main/front page. It's not a problem but not very convenient.
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  11. Magnolia Grandiflora
    Um, I actually like the circular avatars. *blush* I think they're a nice, new change since we've had the square ones for so long. I'm not really noticing load times as much since my computer is on its last legs but I'll take everyone's word for it when they say that it's better. ;)
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  12. Steve Powell
    Could you post a screenshot for me? The only time the Biohazard-style font isn't present for me is when I'm viewing the forum on my Windows phone, and there really shouldn't be any disparity between fonts on any other device...

    If you could post a screenshot I'd really appreciate it; it's possible that there's a slightly bigger bug lurking underneath this one...
  13. Romero
    It's the default font for replies here I'm talking about. And just now I look at your opening post again, and I realize that the default font for opening posts is not the same as for replies. Compare it to the first reply:


    News & Announcements is behaving differently from the rest of the forums in other aspects also, for instance I just see the avatar of other posters.
  14. tremor
    I kinda like the circular avatars. It's just different. Everyone else has the standard square avatars :p
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  15. Spikeyroxas
    Didn't want to make a new thread for this:

    I've noticed signatures are gone, yet there's still the option to change it.
    Am I just being dumb?
  16. Steve Powell
    Gone? Like... gone-gone? Aren't they visible to you when viewing threads? For news entries, sigs are hidden, but that shouldn't be the case for threads...
  17. Spikeyroxas
    I visit the forum on my phone so I'm to sure if that has anything to do with it.
    But yeah I havnt seen any sigs anywhere for a while
  18. Hel
    I still see them on the normal forum, only here they are hidden, as Steve said. But it has always been like this for me.
  19. Spikeyroxas
    Maybe I switched something off in my options or something.
    I'll have a check
    But I can't see any sigs in any threads

    Edit: nope the box that says displays signatures is ticked.
    Oh well

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