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No More Advertisements

We know, we know - you guys hate 'em. Unfortunately, ads are a necessary evil. They help keep this site online (along with a great many other sites out there) by helping us to pay the bills.

Typically, we'll show 2-3 ads per page for Guests and 1-2 ads per page for Members. However, for Premium users, we remove all ads completely and entirely. The way we see it is that if you're helping to keep us online, the least we can do is make your browsing experience as enjoyable and obstacle-free as possible.

Extended profile and posting options

Navigate throughout the entire site as momma intended: without pesky ads!

  • Golden username and banner.
  • Change your username as many times as you like at any time via your Profile Options page.
  • 2x larger avatar file size allowance (great for animated gifs!)
  • Modify or delete your post(s) up to 60 minutes after publishing, as opposed to the standard 10 minutes for standard accounts.
  • Ability to include 3 images in your signature, as opposed to 2 for standard accounts.
  • No 'Flood Check' periods, i.e.: no 'Please wait this many seconds before submitting an additional post' messages.
  • Embed videos in signature area. Supported video formats: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, et al.

And for the completionists...

A brand new and exclusive 'Gold Club' trophy as a small way for us to show our appreciation for your generosity.

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The total package

It's not cheap - it's as expensive as it gets. But it's the price we pay each and every month to keep this website online and the community alive. Purchasing a Platinum account upgrade is essentially the same as providing us with one month's relief from our wallet-draining server bills. We work hard to keep this place alive, but generating the funds isn't easy, and sometimes we need the help of our amazing community.

Upon upgrading to a Platinum account (which lasts forever and does not require a single additional penny to be paid EVER), you will be rewarded with but three things: An exclusive 'Platinum Club' trophy, a beautiful platinum-finish shine to your profile, and our eternal gratitude.

Note: The Platinum account upgrade contains ALL of the perks and privileges contained within the Gold upgrade package.

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