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Got certificates for Perfect Attendance, Superintendents Honor Roll and Student of the Year today
Just got inducted into National Technical Honor Society. I must say, since starting school again, for the first time in my life I feel like I can plan realistic goals rather than wandering through life aimlessly.
Avengers: Endgame, holy sh!t. The perfect ending to a great franchise. Totally mind-blowing from start to finish. Best CBM ever made, dare I say it.
Have no issue with them outsourcing when it comes to the spin-off's but plz keep the main entries in house
i am new here, but not in Resident evil World.
i am more interested in old REs - real survival horror not something like Re6 - and the first RE i played was RE3

my language is not English , as if you can see even my name has few mistakes, if you ever could guess what stories i had in my mind when i played Re3 first (without any knowledge of English )...
Hey there! Thank you so much for the awesome donation! It's actually the first one we've received in two years - so it's very welcome indeed and will be a huge help when the server bill rolls around next week. <3
No Problem :)
been around here for a while now, thought that I'd give something back :)
REmake 2 reminded me that I hate fighting lickers. they might not be able to see us, but they sure can smell me