Y u no make sense RE0?


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I thought this might give you a laugh. After playing through the game a few times I noticed something that was a little off.

Today I will give you a lesson on the language and grammar in the wonderful world of RE0.

Probably not the name of a company: Xgffdgfheghhao

Maybe a warning?: Hapnin: Gegnegen of mesh Don't tuch this one.

Am I meant to shoot it?: Don't touch but fire

This must mean it's opposite day!: Backwards no smoking sign

How do I travel to Travel?: Go to Travel on the Next World

Is that your personal opinion?: Authorized personal only.

And my personal favourite
Alright we get it!!: Purification room, Room purification, Room purification room. Purification Room. Purification... (This doesn't even lead to the purification room)

If you see any more be sure to post them xD


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I love things like this, even if it is slightly unprofessional. They're hilarious. :P
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I love typos in Japanese made games. It hearkens back to the good ol' days of gaming when even Triple A games had one translator and no proofreader.

Metal Gear (Konami)

Double Dragon (Technos)

Metroid (Nintendo)

Pro Wrestling (Nintendo)

Ghosts 'N Goblins (Capcom)

The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo)

Ghostbusters (This is NOT a AAA game but this typo is infamous.)