Darkside Chronicles Why wesker have normal eyes?

At the end of the game, during the final cutscene, when wesker is observing Javier death, his eyes are briefly visable and they are normale blue instead of cat like eye as usual...

This scene take place in 2002, 4 years after wesker injected himself whit the virus that give him superhuman ability, he always had red eyes after the injection but in darkside chronicles his eye are normal blue...

The only explanation I was trying to give to myself is that wesker didn't injected himself whit the serum during this period of time and his powers disappeared just like Jill say in resident evil 5, if he doesn't get an injection of serum he will lose his power... No serum, no power, no red eyes, he simply return as he was before the injection

Also it could be an error of the developer but it's strange since the cutscene play in cgi and not normal game graphic...

What do you guys think about this?