Which RE6 Campaign is Your Favorite?

Favorite RE6 Campaign?

  • Leon + Helena

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • Chris + Piers

    Votes: 10 47.6%
  • Jake + Sherry

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • The 4th Campaign

    Votes: 2 9.5%

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G Virus Experiment
Jun 6, 2016
Hudson Valley, NY
Hi all,

After reading through a lot of the threads in the RE6 section, I see a lot of people with extreme diversity in which campaign they liked most. I can already tell I am going to be shocked when the Chris campaign does exceedingly well, but hey, them's the breaks I guess. haha.

I honestly loved Leon's campaign the most despite it stealing a lot of enemy design and gameplay from the Left 4 Dead Series.
Jake and Sherry take second place for me because I loved seeing Sherry again, Jake was cooler than he is given credit for, and Ustanak was pretty scary.
Chris is in last place for me. While not terrible, it borrows too much from action games. Plus, the amnesia/drunk storyline for Chris is really overplayed in the gaming media. It was a cheap move in my opinion.

But feel free to refute and agree! Tell me your thoughts.


The King of Kings
Sep 4, 2013
Gotham City
I think Leon and Chris have the best campaigns. Not just because they're my favorite characters, but because they feel like the safer experiences of the 4 campaigns.

Leon's campaign feels the most balanced and has the best enemies. The zombie variety is fantastic and zombies feel relentless in swarms, making the game's dodging mechanics feel very satisfying. The darker atmosphere and more urban settings are far more appealing to me than any of the other locations in the game and the set pieces aren't too ridiculous.

Chris' campaign isn't as great as Leon's, but it isn't as bad as Jake's or as bland as Ada's. I think Chris has the strongest story, and Roger Craig Smith really kicks it up to 11 with his performance. Piers is the most likeable of the new protagonists, and the ending resonates with you more than any of the others.

I never understood why people write off Chris' campaign as the "Call of Duty" campaign, which just makes me believe they didn't play the game. It still has all the same mechanics as the other campaigns and they're fighting the same exact enemies Jake and Ada encounter.

Chris' campaign stands out to me though because I think it has some of the stronger and more memorable moments in the game. The Ogromans terrorizing Edonia was a huge step up from El Gigante and Ndesu battles in 4 and 5. The giant invisible snake was a cool callback to yawn, and the entire fight with Haos, which made up most of his chapter 5, is by far one of my favorite bosses in the series.

Jake is just absolutely the worst character in this franchise and his campaign is too experimental with lots of half baked ideas and general lackluster design. The Ustanak is the highlight of his campaign but the rest isn't really that great.

Ada's campaign is just kind of boring. Puzzles in Resident Evil 6 feel forced and implemented out of habit at this point. It's already a much more linear experience than the last 2 games somehow, and given the much more action/shooter approach, puzzles just kind of bog down the pace. So Ada's campaign heavily implementing puzzles doesn't make it feel more like classic Resident Evil, it just makes it kind of dull. Her stealth segments are also really out of place and don't mix too well with the game's gameplay.


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Jul 29, 2012
1) Shake. It's great so see Sherry return, and I like the chemistry between her and Jake; their relationship is similar to Rebecca and Billy's, but actually believable. The campaign has some of the most unique and varied locations, which is always important to me as well.

2) Ada. I admit I probably wouldn't love it so much if it wasn't... well, Ada. But running around as a red-clad secret agent in a zombie apocalypse is just my kind of thing, the story is certainly not the best, but at least the most interesting, and the boss fight against Blob Carla is one of the game's scary highlights.

3) Heleona. It has its great moments, but for the most part it comes across as fake. Capcom probably thought they could trick us into feeling classic RE vibes by mentioning Raccoon City every five minutes, but that doesn't work on me. It's not a bad campaign, just overrated in my opinion.

4) Nivanfield. It's not even the action aspect of it (Leon's campaign is just as, if not more action-heavy than this one), it's mostly the bland locations and the absolutely ridiculous story. I feel for Chris and Piers and enjoy the military theme of their campaign, but that alone is not enough to put it above any of the others.

That being said, I don't think any of the campaigns are perfect. All of them have a few things that annoy me and at least one level that I don't enjoy at all. Still a fun game overall, though.


G Virus Experiment
Jun 6, 2016
Hudson Valley, NY
I, too, really enjoy Jake and Sherry's campaign. I think they have a good chemistry and I like using them a lot. Jake's lean design is my favorite in the game and it was great to have Sherry become a member of the team.

In that campaign, two parts felt out out place:
1) The Snowmobile section - I know we've had jet-ski and hummer sections in the previous two games (which also felt a little ridiculous), but the snowmobile section is WAY too James Bond over the top.
2) Avoid the Ustanak fairies! - This stealth section is probably the scariest part of the whole game due to Ustanak's instadeath attacks. But it is really out of place having the magic snow bats warn their evil leader to your presence when disturbed. Really not Resident Evil in that moment.


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Mar 29, 2009
My ranking is based on a combination of story and character personalities.

1. Chris and Piers
2. Ada
3. Sherry and Jake
4. Leon and Helena

Chris and Piers’ campaign is my favorite for various reasons. There may be some bias here because Chris is my favorite from the series but I believe their campaign has the strongest story of the 4 campaigns with Chris’ story arc. As Turo mentioned, Roger Craig Smith really kicks it up with his performance in this game. The invisible snake was indeed a memorable fight and good callback to Yawn. The final boss fight also made me feel genuine dread because I just knew someone wasn’t going to walk away from it. Annnd of course Chris and Piers are eye candy during the entire experience. :biggrin:

Ada is high up the list because I love her personality. She just has a calm and cool as a cucumber demeanor and I enjoyed her sassy comments. The fight between her and Carla is one of the more interesting battles from the game. Her having an obsessive and psychotic love interest may be a bit on the silly side but it felt good defeating Simmons as Ada because of all the hell he put her through.

Sherry and Jake are third on my list because I enjoyed seeing the two personalities together. It’s nice having a follow up on Sherry and, as random as it is for them to throw in a son of Wesker, I really like that they made him an angry individual who is confused about his purpose. Troy Baker did good with the material that was provided.
This campaign also opens the door to have a very interesting meetup between Jake and Chris again in a future installment- which probably could have been better written into this game (amongst many other things) but whatever

Then there is Leon and Helena... I think their campaign is fun to play through but so is everyone else’s. The most enjoyable part for me was running through the zombie infested city and getting stuck in the gun shop. When it comes to story though, the only word that comes to mind is lame. I think my dislike for Helena has grown over time because I find her completely irrelevant and not the best addition to the series as a whole (though the voice actress does a good job and delivers an emotional performance when Helena’s sister dies). Then there is Leon who accomplishes absolutely nothing in his story arc. It’s literally just another day on the job and he doesn’t get the girl yet again and fans are cheated from seeing a proper Chris and Leon meetup/team up.
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Jan 22, 2015
Chris & Piers.. Feel like people disliked it most back then because they didn't know how to play RE6 properly.. which was the case for me. Now I love playing as Piers with his sick AMR.
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Apr 10, 2015
I like Chris' campaign the most too. I am a bit biased as Chris is my favorite RE character but I also think he has the best and most emotional storyline in the game.

Leon's campaign was good too, especially the creepyness with the church stuff.

Jake's campaign was also good. I really like that they used Sherry and Jake's relationship to Chris was very interesting.

Ada's campaign had fun puzzles and plot elements but was way too short compared to the others.

black 93

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Dec 12, 2013
Chris and Piers. Fits the themes of the game the best, best ending, best boss fights, fewest QTE's, and stays consistent all the way through, unlike the others. The so called horror of Leons campaign feels very forced and lasts for about 30 minutes of one chapter out of five. Adas just repeats the most annoying parts of each campaign, and Jake and Sherrys is really really good in terms of their relationship and Ustanak, the gameplay just completely goes too crazy sometimes. The snowmobile....ew.
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Sep 21, 2019
Chris and piers > Jake and sherry = Leon and helena > Ada

I enjoyed all 4 of them btw.
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G Virus Experiment
Jun 6, 2016
Hudson Valley, NY
Well, well, well. We have a lot of people who preferred the Chris/Piers campaign which in my opinion was a throw away RE: Call of Duty edition.

But my biggest gripe with Chris' story is the forced amnesia gimmick. It doesn't add anything and is a lazy storytelling device!
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Nero Sparda

Dec 15, 2019
1. Leon

I think this campaign balances action and horror well similar to RE4, loved the atmosphere of this campaign's locations. Enjoyed the boss fights with Simmons too; punching the hell out of him was very satisfying and his death scene where his blood creates the Umbrella logo was awesome. Plus Leon is my favourite character in the franchise and it was nice to see him here after RE4 along with his new cool partner Helena so this is one of the reasons why this campaign is my most favourite. The weird plane QTE in chapter 4 can go **** itself though.

2. Jake

It felt like RE5 but with cool RE3 twists due to getting chased by Ustanak which feels satisfying ( And is a love letter to Nemesis. ) when you kill him once and for all in chapter 5. Loved how they brought back Sherry as a grown up badass and Jake is the best new character in the game; really loved the chemistry between the 2 and how Jake gets character development, it's so heartwarming. Not to mention the amount of melee attacks Jake has is huge and feels awesome to use, especially against Ustanak. Hope you bring them back Capcom. I wished this campaign was a bit longer though; it feels shorter than Leon's and Chris'.


Best. Credits. Theme. Ever.

3. Ada

This campaign is basically Separate Ways mode from RE4 but better in every single way, really liked the improvements they made. Puzzles were pretty good and the plot twists were interesting. I absolutely loved the part where Ada helps Jake and Sherry and later on saves Sherry from Ubistvo. Ending was handled pretty well too. Stealth sections were kinda weird though; for some reason your footsteps doesn't matter that much and you can stay in front of J'avo for a decent time and they won't notice you. It's kinda inconsistent; sometimes J'avo notice you way earlier and sometimes way too late. Similar to Jake's; this campaign feels shorter compared to Leon's and Chris'.

4. Chris

This campaign has the best story ( Though it has more wasted plotential compared to other campaigns' stories like no mention of Jill. Really wished she and Claire appeared in the game. Also Piers should have mentioned Jill at some point. RIP Piers; really wished he didn't die, his death was very tragic. ) and Chris gets a lot of character development but gameplaywise; it feels more frustrating. ( Though still less than the entire RE5 IMO and has improvements from that game like not requiring to babysit Piers like you do to Sheva. ) I was running out of ammo more easily in this campaign compared to others for some reason. Regardless; I got better at the game during replays and I enjoyed this campaign more during the replays of the game. Another thing this campaign handles better compared to others are vehicle sections. I absolutely love the VTOL section; it's my favourite vehicle section in the game. It's a great fanservice to Chris' backstory and to one of the cutscenes in RECV.

Before ending this; I just want to say that before playing this game for the 1st time, I was expecting this game to be extremely awful similar to DMC2 and DmC. ( Plus I entered the DMC franchise before Resident Evil, with my 1st DMC game being DMC4. ) After all; I remember getting disappointed with RE5 ( My enjoyment increased after replays. ) and getting confused with RE7 despite enjoying it which unlike RE5, ultimately decreased a lot after replaying the game during my RE marathons. After starting the game; ( Which was after finishing RE3 and some time passed after that before I started playing. ) I found myself really enjoying the game. Eventually I finished the game and despite some issues which are mostly in Chris' campaign, I liked the game a lot. Honestly I have to thank TGBS channel for that. Before playing RE6, I watched his " Why RE6 is awesome? " video and that got me interested to play more RE games.

Anyways, this is the end of my essay and thank you for reading.
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Dec 29, 2015
Chris had the best campaign. Jakes comes in second. I really can’t decide which is worse between Leon’s and Ada’s, they’re both garbage.

I think people who try to say Leon’s has any semblance of survival horror are fooling themselves a bit, they want to believe that it has a redeeming factor so they tell themselves that lol.


G Virus Experiment
Jun 6, 2016
Hudson Valley, NY
I disagree with that since I am one of those people. Each campaign is designed to target a different competitor game and Leon's campaign happens to riff off of Left 4 Dead. I think it is the best campaign by far with the most memorable locations and enemies. Of course, Helena is the weakest character added to the series ever. Piers and Jake both had redeeming qualities, but Helena didn't add much to the lore.
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Poor performance endeed
Feb 4, 2019
I personally prefer Chris and Jake campaign, because they are the more emotional campaign and have interesting character that develop during the courses of they're campaign

Leon and ada campaign are the worst and i don't really understand why everyone call them the better one, they have zero character development, and they are full packed whit non sense action sequence, lazy character like Helena and bad fan service, simmons boss fight is boring as hell and there are zero emotion in it

Chris and Jake have action too but most of those scene are passable to me, also i personally think Chris is the more horror one, it begin whit mistery during the first chapter and when you follow the Snake is really good and terryfing... This campaign obviously had ****ty moment like the car chase, the airplane part, and the helicopter fight, really boring

As for jake campaign i like Jake and Sherry relationship, and i like the first two level, the final boss is also the most intense, since it really look like a desperate situation

Despite this overall goods things the game is still bad and most of the time boring
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Sep 29, 2016

1 - Leon & Helena: I like this campaign, but I think people see this the wrong way. The target isn't exactly a survival horror experience. The target here is an outbreak, like Raccoon. But we get the outbreak in the beginning, when there's panic and A LOT of zombies, which mingles best with the action the series was following and the amazing gameplay (I love RE6's dodge mechanics, quick shots and overall movement). I also like to see how Leon and Helena's interactions changes from cold to warm and the fact that Leon can leave Ada aside to do what's right (I hate Leon and Ada together anyway). Helena comes off kind of bland, but she's lucky enough to be voiced by Laura Bailey, or else she would be Ruff's Jill all over again. I think Helena has potential, but we probably won't see her again. Also...I'm in the minority here but...I kinda like Simmon's boss rush. Except the fly one, I like all the other forms. I don't care if it's unreal that he can transform into a T-Rex like thing, I'm too busy having fun dodging, rolling, dual wielding my handguns fighting a freaking BOW T-Rex to care. I like most of the setpieces...the university, the outbreak in the town, Lanshiang in general (I REALLY like the China setpieces in this game...all of the buildings, crampled spaces, all the details and objects laying aroud...etc) Aaaand I think Leon's Lanshiang attire is his best look in the series so far. The only downside on Leon's campaign is that stupid catacomb level.

2 - Chris & Piers: Best story, best performace in the game by Roger Craig-Smith and the best version of Chris Redfield. They needed to broke him to make old Chris an interesting character and I liked. I also liked Piers, probably the best of the new bunch and he reminded me a lot of 98 Chris. Gameplay wise is alright too. A lot of nice encounters with enemies and more chance for me to roll, slide, quickshot and have fun. The snake boss is also an amazing segment. I just think Leon's campaign has more variety in its setpieces and overall encounter with enemies. Also, Chris's chapters tend to drag a little sometimes. The downside of Chris campaign for me is mostly Carla's helicarrier. It's a boring setpiece.

3 - Sherry & Jake: I think Jake is a worst character than Helena. Also, I think Sherry was very, very well characterized. It's cool to see a character you met as a kid turning into a badass agent (alright, she was the damnsel in distress sometimes, but in the player's hands, she's a total badass and I play her more than I play Jake). The problem with this campaign is...kinda boring sometimes? It spaces so much. I mean, RE6 is an action game, is made for action, and sometimes this campaign don't give you anything besides walking and some poorly implemented stealthy segments. I think Ustanak had potential, but he came off sort of...meh. Plus, this campaign has the two worst segments of the whole game: the snowmobile and the bike segments. Awful. RE6 was generally awful with its driving segments.

4 - Ada. Jeez, how I hate Ada in this game. Her overall portrayal and personality is so condescending. Ada in RE6 reminds me a lot of Alice from the Paul Anderson movies. And generally speaking, her gameplay was not as fun as the other campaigns. The mandatory stealth sections on the submarine and the helicarrier are awful. There are bits and pieces that I enjoy, like the fight against the ubistvo, but eh...they a had a chance to develop Ada, to give her more of what we always get with her, but she entered and exited the game the same way, just more annoying. They could've make her show anger towards Simmons or Carla, or have her show frustration...anything. But she's always smug and condescending, like Alice. Anyway, worst campaign.

Still, RE6 is my guilty pleasure and I'm never afraid of compliment his strenghts and the overall fun I have when I play the game. (or which I perceive to be its strenghts).
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Sep 29, 2007
Raccoon City

Chris has been my favourite since the original, so, part of my choice is bias as I’ll always love anything Chris related, but, overall, I thought he had the best story. I got the CoD vibe, too, but, I like lots of action, so, it was fun to play.

I enjoyed every campaign, they were all fun to do in general. I really like RE6 and don’t get the hate for it.