Where next for the RE series?


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I liked the return of the old fashioned gameplay like the magic inventory boxes and the typewriter (or shall I say cassette player) saving system and I was impressed with the crafting but then again most of this while it made the game fun to play it wasn't anything that Revalations hasn't already introduced or brought back besides the saving, Ethan as a character was surprisingly better than I expected but I am still disappointed that we only saw his face when he was trapped in the molded hive and during a flashback when he was fighting with Mia and even then we never got a great look at him and we barely know what he even looks like and I think that doesn't fit with Resident Evil's style at all because in every other game the characters all had a unique face that was a big part of their identity and they also have a unique outfit and I find this dissapointing because we are never going to get special costumes again unless maybe if they make the next instalment co op, what disappointed me as well was that apart from Eveline and the Bakers we only had the Molded as enemies which doesn't fit Resident Evil's style of horror which is mainly through the element of surprise which apart from the obvious jumps scares is that there is a wide variety of monsters, Capcom wanted introduce more enemies including Zombies that can hear you breathe which would force your character to hold their breath to avoid being spotted but they cut that out because some morons who were test playing were holding their breath in real life when they were making Ethan in game hold his and I think that's invalid reason to cut out the Zombie because only immature people do that they remind me of myself when I was 7 when I held my breath in because Patrick did it in a Spongebob episode so why cancel what could be been a good addition over a bunch of idiots? most people that play sniping games don't hold their breath in real life to steady a fantasy gun.
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