Whats the best order to play this in?


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Downloaded Resident Evil 6 when it came out, was looking over some threads across the internet which suggested that playing the campaigns in order wasn't the best way to do things and could make it pretty boring to do. What order would you suggest?

Here is what I found on the web as a popular suggestion:
Prelude Chapter
Chris Chapter 1
Chris Chapter 2
Jake Chapter 1
Jake Chapter 2
Leon Chapter 1
Leon Chapter 2
Leon Chapter 3
Jake Chapter 3
Chris Chapter 3
Jake Chapter 4
Leon Chapter 4
Chris Chapter 4
Jake Chapter 5
Chris Chapter 5
Leon Chapter 5
Ada Campaign
Does this sound like a good idea?
When I played Resident Evil 6, I started the way the menu has it. Leon, Chris , Jake. It was a surprise for me when I unlocked Ada campaign. freakin awesome. I think its the best feel, totally different campaigns. And the way they build up storyline, you don't even know Jake is Weskers son until I think the middle of Chris' campaign. Good unraveling of the whole story.