What is your favourite resident evil?


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Resident Evil Director's Cut is my top favorite. Because its what introduced me to the series. RE: Survival is my second favorite. all other RE games are in the 3rd spot except for RE 4, 5 and 6. These are good games but not good RE games.


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5. RE6 (... yes, you read that right)

Honestly I love that game too... It has some really good moments/concepts and is fun to play through. Chris' campaign is what makes this game for me despite how unfocused the writing is with the rest of the game.

I'm looking back at each RE game that I've played and am finding that I don't really hate any of them, I only like some more than others.

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RE Code: Veronica, RE2, (Any game that has Claire in it, honestly...) RE REmake, RE7, RE: Outbreak, RE4, RE0, RE3, Darkside Chronicles, and the list goes on and on and on.


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Honestly I love that game too... It has some really good moments/concepts and is fun to play through. Chris' campaign is what makes this game for me despite how unfocused the writing is with the rest of the game.

I'm looking back at each RE game that I've played and am finding that I don't really hate any of them, I only like some more than others.
The more I play RE6, the more I love it. It's closing in on RE2 for my favourite entry in the series. I love all the campaigns! It's nice to see it getting some love. I kind of understand why some people don't like it, it's a bit like "Resident Evil: Greatest Hits", which I think people will either take to or they won't.

I've been doing the same this week (partly inspired by this thread). Been re-playing and thinking about all the RE games I've played over the years (the only ones I haven't played are the DS Mercenaries games) and I've enjoyed every single one of them (even Gaiden). Some I just re-visit and enjoy more than others but there isn't one I dislike at this point.
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1) RE5.
2) REmake.
3) RE3.

I used to love RE6, especially when it first came out, but over the years I've grown to dislike the very aspects that excited me about the game in the first place (the campaigns crossing over each other and their distorted timelines). I've only played it once or twice since buying the PS4 version.


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Resident Evil 2 was the first RE game I played.. not by choice. Within the first half hour of RE2 I was in love..and it also helped a bit that earlier that year I had just seen Romero's Dawn Of The Dead for the first time.. and ****in cried over how genius that was.. suddenly I'm thrust into a survival horror game with zombies..? It was a fantastic time, and after beating RE2 like ten times.. I played part 1.

1. RE2
2. RE1
3. RE3 Nemesis
4. Code Veronica
5. RE VII Biohazard
definitely RE4 for me. It's atmospheric, creepy, has great bosses and good enemies, has a decent enough story and excellent control system. Earlier games were more scary, but had far poorer control system. They were also pretty similar. 5 and 6 were below par. 7 is as creepy and scary as any, but isn't long enough or interesting enough (in terms of enemies) to be the best. Are they remaking 2? I hope so!
Having not played 2, or any revelations or other spin offs, I would say:
1) Re4
2) Code veronica x
3) RE1
4) RE zero
5) RE7
6) RE3
7) RE5
8) RE6


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For me it's a tie between RE4 in terms of pure gameplay and Revelations 2 for the story. I ****ing love those games! I also loved REmake and RE0 pretty darn close as well and RE5 will always get a mention for pure fun!

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5 - RE6- my guilty pleasure. A big dumb action game and i love it for that.

4 - Code Veronica- The most challenging out of the old school game's (IMO) and one of the most unique stories.

3 - RE5- Love this game. Still play co op with my brother, love the Chris and Wesker confrontations and the story felt like it came full circle. Also to this day, Lost In Nightmares is still one of the best DLC's iv ever played.

2- RE1 - both original and REmake. The original is the b movie, the remake is the serious horror film. That's how i see these two.

1- Revelations 2- The best RE since 5 to me. Brought back long absent characters in a way that makes sense, Alex Wesker is an awesome villain, and Barry. Need i say more other than Barry? Lol


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REmake, 0, Code Veronica, 5, 6 and Revelations 2. I don't remember 2 that much so I should replay it to give my opinion, but usually a game with one of the Redfields is a win for me. Also, gotta love Rebecca and Billy.
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Aw ****, dudes. My favourite always changes! It's like Final Fantasy for me.

Here's a boring-as-**** rundown of what I feel about my top picks. Don't wanna read it all? Tough. Read it. Punk!

Most nostalgic for me! The story is a step up from RE1/REmake, and I love how the T-Virus makes its way to the city and the stakes are immediately much higher than RE1. You're thrown into the middle of Raccoon City and you're completely surrounded by enemies with no healing items, so I died a few times trying to get to the R.P.D. on my first attempts. The game did a great job making me feel powerless outside the station, so I felt trapped within the R.P.D. That's great horror. RE2 also introduces Claire Redfield, my favourite RE character.

People say RE4 is the one that took the series into the action genre, but I think this one is the one that really started it. Nemesis makes this game for me. I've never felt such pure terror and panic as when I'm fighting or running away from him. Nemesis, unfortunately, has a major downside: he forces the developers to place enough ammo in the game for you to take him on in every encounter. This has the unfortunate side effect of giving the player far too much ammo for the rest of the enemies, especially considering you can evade the Nemesis on all but 3 encounters in the entire game. I've beaten this game without picking up a single Gun Powder and I still had in excess of 30 grenade rounds left; just take a minute to process that.
However, I love how Nemesis is difficult to fight even with powerful weaponry. A lot of horror these days is created by giving the player no weapons, but RE3 gives the player an arsenal to rival Sylvester Stallone and yet you feel just as helpless when the Nemesis rounds the corner.
Unfortunately, what RE2 did to make you fear the hordes of enemies in Raccoon City, RE3 undoes by throwing you into the horde with too much ammo. Another major thing this game has against it, for me, is the absence of Lickers. What in the actual ****, Capcom? WHERE ARE THE LICKERS IN RE3? I do love this game, and probably enjoy it more than the others, but I can't call it the best one.

I don't think this is the best game ever made. Sue me! It's a fantastic game for what it is, I've played through several times and always have fun, but I always have to remind myself that it's a Resident Evil game, and I always have to remind myself that I'm supposed to be playing as Leon from RE2, because he is absolutely nothing like his previous character. They really should have made more of an effort to make Leon more recognisable because nothing else about the plot is anything to do with Resident Evil. It all feels really unfamiliar.
Also, this game SERIOUSLY lacks the ability for Leon to strafe. I wouldn't really desire that option if Ganados didn't constantly throw their weapons, which is something you can't really avoid unless you catch them winding up for it and shoot them, or shoot the weapons themselves - something that's far more difficult to do than just STEPPING OUT OF THE GODDAMN WAY. This game is infuriating on a first playthrough because a lot of the game is designed for you to fail first, and to learn where the enemies are positioned so you can sneak in with exactly the right type of weapon. Knowing exactly what's through the next door won't help you when it comes to the damn water room though. I also hate Quick Time Events. The only time it's actually "good" is during boss fights like Krauser, It, and Verdugo, and during the knife-fight cutscene with Krauser. The boulder sections are ****ing stupid!

I said bad things about RE4 - I'm waiting to be crucified.

Probably objectively the best one. Absolutely gorgeous, and a perfect remake. Preserves everything good about the original and adds so much more that enhances the experience; Lisa Trevor, Crimson Heads, and the fuel cell section to name a few. Stunning scenery and beautifully orchestrated scares - one of the best survival horror experiences available! I also think the mansion is one of the best examples of level design in a video game, both in this one and the original RE1.

Overall, my favourite is REmake.
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I think my favorites would have to be Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Remake, and Resident Evil Outbreak File# 1.


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I love all the Resident Evil's in their own way, but my all time favorite is RE4. RE4 was my first RE game that I played and I grew up with it. I have beat that game so many times that I know it like the back of my hand lol.


I'd say my favourite is REmake, with RE2 and RE4 not far behind it. I have a lot of love for 3 and Code Veronica as well and would happily play either any day of the week, but when I'm pushed to decide which ones I prefer overall, I usually rate those others over them.