what is your favorite part of RE2

What do you mean by " favorite part " ? You're talking about a specific event / action, or are you asking which place is our favorite ?


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I don't know if I could pick just ONE favorite moment, but here are a few:
1) When Mr. X lifts the helicopter body for the first time. My mind went blank when it first happened. Simply terrifying.
2) The entire orphanage section. I thought the game would benefit from new locations and I really felt for Sherryd during this time.
3) When Mr. X attempts to stop the elevator ride with Claire and Sherry inside... and, well, you know what happens next.
4) The Plant 43 section of the labs. While the labs were shorter than I had hoped for, this section added a new surprise for me that tied in with the original game.
5) Ada smashing Mr. X with the police van. So satisfying!


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Way too many favorite parts, I'm gonna try my best to list a few that comes to my mind (in random order):

1. First encounter with Mr. X in the water-extinguished hallway. It took me by surprise and was a moment of pure terror that's simply unforgettable.

2. Robert Kendo panicking over his infected daughter. It was such a tragic moment, but also fascinating to see a zombified child for the first time.

3. Leon and Claire flirting though the fence. It's so cringy its amazing.

3. Chief Irons shouting "I SEE YOU!" and running towards Sherry... The first time that happened was extremely uncomfortable and sent shivers all across my body...

4. Birkin tearing Mr. X apart. That was badass.

5. The first time entering NEST was simply beautiful. After spending so much time in those dirty sewers, reaching such a clean and modern area felt extremely rewarding, not to mention refreshing.

6. Watching the video footage of Birkin taking a round of bullets from those soldiers.... That was genuinely disturbing, since it felt so real. For a moment I had to remind myself that it's just a video game, and not real footage of someone being brutally executed.

7. Leon and Ada's kiss, simply because I'm a hopeless romantic.

8. Having to kill Marvin. You really felt for Claire and Leon when they said sorry...
Claire Redfield outfit Eliza Walker. Love it and the follow, omg! Her heart shape behind is mesmerizing. lol. They picked the right actress, imho...

Still playing after 9 months. Already got all S+ Rank, improved on it slightly without speedrun. Don't a big fan of speedrun myself, but do enjoy watching the experts speedrun though. I prefer to down 99% of enemies from beginning to end.


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I think the first part of the game in the police station is my favorite part... I also love leon escape from the laboratory and super tyrant boss battle

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One part that iv always liked is when Leon confronts Ada toward the end.
"I'm just doing my job"
"And I'm doing mine now drop that damn gun! I'm taking you in"
Then he offers Ada the chance to shoot him rather than hand over the G virus. Badass moment. Also Claire squaring up to G3. "I got this"