What are you thinking? (Part 2)


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Guess whose no longer left behind after being the last of us.

yes i bought a ps4 and TLOU :D
Hope you like it!

CT: So glad to have all my sister's stuff moved out of my room and to have things where I want them now. I can finally burn candles and exercise (the rare occasions I do exercise :lol:) in the floor space.

I've even bought a yoga mat to put down when I do work out. :P
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Aye, I have had my share with Customer Service although I feel like CSR might be a bit above my college level roles. lol.

I was so bad at Customer Service at Best Buy, they literally made me switch jobs with a cashier after one week and it happened to be someone I knew from school. Very awkward. And she LOVED talking about it for years to come. lol