We've had to restore a database backup


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Hi guys,

This will be a headache for everyone, but unfortunately due to crazy hocus pocus with the database, we've had to roll back to a database version that is approximately 12 hours old - that means that we've lost all posts shared within the last half day. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of what caused the issue, but for what it's worth the issue has remedied itself and everything is now looking good with the database. I'm currently in the process of updating the front-end add-ons while my host is updating the behind the scenes stuff, so that we're definitely using the latest and most stable versions.

I know that at least one person's account was affected during the last few hours, but I can confirm that all previous data (prior to the last 12 or so hours) has been restored. Please send me a PM if you noticed anything peculiar going on with your account before this thread was posted.

Apologies again - while I'm certain we're on the right track now, I'm going to continue investigating the issue.