The Sexy People Thread


Rocket Trash Panda
I thought I'd steal another great thread idea from another forum I frequent and make a thread for posting pics of hot dudes and dudettes.

Some rules:

-Please limit it to 3 images per post.
-Please preface it with the celebrity's name. I'm pretty sure guys don't want to see shirtless men all sweaty with a six pack, and I'm sure ladies wouldn't want to see chicks in bras and panties with their boobs hanging out (unless that's your thing in either case; hey, more power to you).
-Don't mock anyone for their taste of preference.
-No nudity (duh).

Anyways, I thought I'd kick off the thread with this gorgeous lady from Legend of the Seeker, White Collar, Jane the Virgin and Agent Carter (she also made a cameo in John Wick):

Bridget Regan:

She damn fine!