The ending of BIOHAZARD: The beast of the north sea


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So i've seen this book being mentioned as canon according to several of the big RE-timelines out there and yet its very hard to find out what actually happens in the book anywhere online.

There's a short summary on the RE-wiki but it seems to cut off somewhere in the middle of the story and there's also a half-finished translation of the book available at projectumbrella but that one skips ahead a few times and the ending is missing completely.

Could anyone who've read it give a short (or long) summary of what happens in the end? What happens to Gadiwell Island? To the umbrella base/castle? To Gilliam? To Millenia? And what about Rain and Norse?


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This book seems to be Canon but the story and character are not connected to any other resident evil game, is a "spin off", since almost no mention is made of the main series event, only umbrella is mentioned...
It look like a new story entirely than a real spin off...
I would actually like to read to see if there are any connections to the series, since I only read summary and wikipedia, but this summary are like the one you mentioned they miss parts