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Resident Evil 4 Stylish RE4 build info


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Dec 28, 2020
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Twitter user Welsh (who I guess a lot of people here know because he's quite active in the RE community) is making a series of posts about the "Stylish" version of RE4 that eventually became DMC: this one here (if you read the full discussion) is quite interesting. Apparently, the game was graphically superior before they scaled everything down to make room for the faster gameplay: the graphics weren't far below the ones in RE1make! I always wondered what the PS2 would've been capable of with enclosed locations separated by loading door as in a traditional Resident Evil. "Metal Gear Solid 2" had very uneven graphics, but I remember there were a few rooms (like the one where you first encounter Vamp) that looked stunning, especially thanks to the dynamic lighting. Sadly, we never got to see a proper RE game on the PS2 (the Outbreak games don't' count - they were made with less money than a mainline game). "Silent Hill 3" was probably the closest we saw to see a survival horror pushing the hardware to the limits.

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