So... Is it Chris or not?

Is it the real Chris Redfield?

  • Yes, no question, it's just a new look and I don't want it to be anyone else

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  • Yes, but I think it could be retro-actively changed

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  • No, I think Capcom is lying and keeping it a secret for the next game

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  • I don't really care

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I stumbled across this video and it gave me some more insight as to why people still doubt the authenticity of the "Chris Redfield" we see at the end of RE7.

In all honesty the first time I watched the ending of RE7, I too was quite perplexed when that guy said "I'm Redfield", because it really didn't look like the Chris Redfield I had seen in previous games at all.

While this video doesn't contain any real facts whatsoever, and everything is pure speculation, the question is still up there. And yes, its true that the character is officially listed as "Chris Redfield" in the ending credits, but does it really prove anything? This maker of this video claims that when Capcom was questioned about the authenticity of the character being Chris Redfield or not, they simply replied that "it's a legacy character". If this claim is true, then it's surely still a possibility that the true identity of this so-called "Redfield" guy might be revealed in Resident Evil 8.

So, the maker of the video suggests that it could be HUNK. What do you think?
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When 'Redfield' was first revealed I wondered if it was really Chris. However, I now think it is Chris, and that Capcom just got lazy with their new face scanning technique and decided to cut corners. They had the perfect opportunity to go back on themselves when they cancelled the existing plans they had for 'Not A Hero' and went back from the drawing board - they could have made up some story about this not being Chris. I think they just threw him in there as a reference to old Resident Evil games to try and link 7 up to the series more. Naturally, there were a lot of fans that were complaining that it was nothing like Resident Evil, because it didn't have any characters that had appeared in the game previously and there were no story links either. Perhaps Capcom preempted this, and so included him. Who knows.

When Capcom said it's a legacy character - perhaps that can be taken a different way in that it doesn't really matter what Chris looks like, because it's his legacy/his story/his reputation that they think is important? Just theorising, I don't know without context. But I'm wondering if they meant that, to them, giving him a look consistent with previous games didn't really matter because of Chris's legacy as a character. I don't agree with this if it is true, a consistent look, sound and personality are important with a character. Imagine Naughty Dog changing how Nathan Drake looks, sounds and acts. It just wouldn't work.

I wish they hadn't made these changes to Chris. He's one of my favourite characters in this series, and when you compare the two versions of Chris, they just don't match up. This 'Redfield' is just your standard, wooden, tough army guy who swears a lot. The Chris before RE7 was much more developed and had more facets to his character. Also, as I've said in other threads, I can't imagine this voice actor putting the same emotion into Chris as Roger Craig Smith did in scenes such as Pier's death scene.

I fear I'm rambling, so I'm gonna cut it there. But yeah, I think Capcom intended this to really be Chris. But in my mind, I still distinguish 'Redfield' from the Chris in previous games.
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I guess so too, but its still not too late to retro-actively change it to be someone else.

We all just have to wait and see what Capcom does with Resident Evil 8.


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That would be awesome if it was a Chris clone. It's kinda been overdone, but I tend to agree that it seems like it would've been easier to use previous character models rather than start fresh, and this new Redfield does look a lot like HUNK. Either way I wouldn't be upset if either of those theories came to fruition. Particularly, if the HUNK theory was true, it would open up a world of possiblity to flesh and and explore his character more, and that would be cool.
i didn't played RE7 , but a friend of mine, told me once the guy in the RE7 was a real Chris redfield, and that umbrella is not a bad one, at least the seems cleaned- why their red Umbrella was blue - and it might be the story for RE- Rev 3 or something.


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OMG, people are still pushing this? It's f*cking Chris. It may not look like him for bullsh!t reasons, but it's him, Capcom themselves confirmed it:

The reborn Umbrella detected information on bioterrorism and a biological weapons development program. Chris Redfield from the BSAA is invited to take command.
Not a Hero even has Chris being hostile towards Blue Umbrella, which he understandably would be. It wouldn't be the first time they drastically changed a character model and messed with continuity, either. Jill's character model in Rev1 looks almost nothing like the one used in RE5, which they ignored that model and went back to the Voth Jill for LiN even though it showed Rev1 Jill and Chris entering the Spencer Mansion in the game's ending. Yeah, it messes with continuity, but that's just Capcom's M.O. It might not be the last time they change a character model, either.
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Hunk was in his 30s during RE2 so that would make him almost 50 during this.
He doesn't look 50.
Maybe early 40s at the oldest.
It's not hunk.


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Brad Pitt in 2018, aged 54:

I'm not saying it's Hunk. I'm just saying that its not impossible for a man in his early 50's to still look like he's in his 40's.
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