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Resident Evil 5 Sheva or Ashley... who's the WORST sidekick?

Soul Fist

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Jun 6, 2020
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When it comes to canon, Sheva (For me it's Chris because I play with Sheva) is not annoying by any mean.. It's just her Al. The Al can be very annoying but helpful at the same time, I just hate when the Al waste ammo over and over. It's frustrating OMG LOOOOOL.

But Ashley's problem is not her Al at all, she's LEGIT annoying. Especially when Leon piggyback her so she can go to the cranks, she said "Watch out for me" I mean girl of course Leon would otherwise why he would come all the way to here??? And when enemies kidnap her she just screams Leoooon heeeeelp without stopping even tho Leon is nearby yet she doesn't stop crying.

But if we are talking about the worst Al, it goes to Sheva absolotely. At least Ashley is not as stubborn as Sheva, Sheva can as stubborn as a donkey.
Oct 13, 2020
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I didn't have any serious trouble with Sheva except I do remember her healing me a number of times when I wanted to save the spray - as somebody else said, Chris is worse than Sheva as a non-playing character, he stands there like a doofus or stands in your way which in that game, blocks your shot though he doesn't take damage from it. I need to dust that game off and get my trophies back, I'm playing on backup data on a 2nd PS3 and the backup doesn't save trophies, they died with the 1st PS3 - looking at my profile online it says I got 2% of the trophies, that's a tough hit to take after all those plays :(

The only good thing about Ashley is when she gets her suit of armor in the re-play but by then you're so powered up it's little consolation for all the dragging her around you had to do (I'm talking original PS2 version, no idea about the remake att) - thinking about Chris in RE5 blocking shots, I will say at least Ashley ducks if you have to aim her way