Sheva Alomar


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Nothing in the game was remotely racist. What was racially offensive? There was just African people infected by parasites and so they turned evil, as was the case for the most part in any other game. So people implying that it was racist, is dumbfounded. In that case, will they accuse 6 of being racist due to it being set in China? If so, that's silly and they need to take a breather.
also some people such as Anita Saarkesean accused Sheva’s revealing outfit as sexist and objectifying Woman even though Chris had a sexy outfit of his own with his nipples exposed and everything.

People like that are virtue signalling attention seekers who think that cherry picking superficial “faults” in a game will give them publicity, that is true but in the long run isn’t good for their reputation when it becomes apparent that their “complaints” don’t stand up to scrutiny and borderline on lying.