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They don't make it SUPER clear what happened with Billy and his Platoon - but I think the gist of it is that he was framed for killing the 23 villagers when his Captain was the one who pulled the trigger. Billy had second thoughts and refused to do it - so he ended up framed for it where we meet him again.

I would love to see a REV3 - but I would definitely want to finish the cliff hanger from REV2. Alex Wesker was an interesting antagonist and the "watcher" vibe was very creepy to begin with. She needs to be dealt with! It would make the most sense to have Claire finish out the storyline even if she is trying to be the peaceful Terrasave individual she was in REV2.

But I do think it is time for more Jill and Rebecca too! haha


I'd love to see a Revelations 3. Rev2 was the first RE title that I was not actively excited for. I still bought it on release for the PS3 but was not expecting much, I actually ended up really enjoying it. IMO, it's definitely one of the best modern RE titles, I enjoy it far more than RE5 or RE6.


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A Revelations 3 is pretty much redundant at this point as the main draw of the Revelations series was that fans of the more horror based RE games could have some horror oriented games while the mainline games kept going in the more action oriented direction.
But now that mainline Resident Evil has returned to Survival Horror there's no point in a Revelations 3.

I think how Not a Hero was handled in Resi 7 is a great way to keep bringing legacy characters back in a non remake way.
Seeing as how basic Resident Evil game structure is starting off very survival horror heavy and then near the end of the games the action pumps up for a climatic finish and what not, bringing back legacy characters to "finish" what the new characters started via DLC campaigns is a great way to bridge the gaps and let fans enjoy going through the "new" nightmares with Boulder punching Redfield or Leon Wick.

I really liked how after finishing the stand alone RE7 story we get to see how Chris Redfield can hold up against some of the horrors that the Winters went through to further progress the canon and would love a situation in Resident Evil 8 where say some new characters go through another stand alone horror story filled with tension and scares then once the game is finished we get to go on an Epilogue DLC with Leon/Jill/Ada who goes up against the same threats while progressing the overarching lore.
The Legacy Character DLC Stories like Not a Hero could essentially act as Resident Evil's bigger playable versions of the Post Credit scenes in the Marvel movies.


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I'd love to see one with Jill, or Billy, or Carlos... Anybody essentially, that we haven't seen in years. Was Billy even proven guilty of killing the people in Africa?
Billy Coen was officially declared dead by Rebecca chamber after the mansion incident, so the process about Billy was probably cancelled since he was deceased...

As for revelations 3, i hope they didn't make one but continue making main game whit main character like Jill instead of using spin off to continue her story
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Yes - so the charges against Billy were dropped due to him officially being "dead" - but also - he didn't commit the murders.

If we ever saw Billy again - he'd have a different name and maybe different appearance. Hopefully a different hair cut. haha


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I honestly don't care about a Revelations 3. I mean, They're not bad games. At all. But I don't see the point in their existence, when they very well could have been main games. They're technically Spin-Offs, that star main cast members, that are completely canon. The reasoning behind making these games is baffling to me lol, unless it's something like "Quick and easy to make game that is a cash grab for fans, so we can make other games."


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I like the concept of having a lower budget RE game series that explores different routes from the series. I hope they at least finish the Revelations story they put in to place with Alex Wesker. I understand that there are bigger games from the series to look forward to (RE8 and THREEmake) - but at minimum a Revelations 3 should be made to finish the story line they have created. I won't complain about more Resident Evil games especially with the quality we have received in Rev2 and REmake 2.


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While the reason for the Revelations games existing is redundant now, I don't think that makes the series itself redundant as they still have a very unique style and purpose that separates them from the main entries. The gimmick for example being that the stories are told in an episodic fashion, which like TV Shows, often have twists, turns, cliffhangers, and wait for it... revelations.

I think it's a very entertaining format to tell Resident Evil stories in and it doesn't take itself too seriously like the original games. Not to mention, it brings back characters we don't get to see much and follows a completely different narrative that fills the gap between games. There's also Raid Mode which has become a fan favorite diversion among players and is a staple of the Revelations series.

Seems like enough reason to continue the series. Not like they got an infinite amount of games to remake or like it's stopping new entries from coming out faster.


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I outlined an idea for Revelations 3 in this thread where Jill becomes infected with the T-Phobos virus while suffering with PTSD after what she suffered at the hands of Wesker. I think there's lots of different ways they could take this and has scope for including lots of different characters that we haven't seen for a long time.

Failing that... maybe a continuation with the characters from Revelations 2 could be good. There are definitely things that need resolving from that game, Alex Wesker for one. I feel like maybe one final Revelations game could complete the trilogy and close this side series down, and tie up some very loose ends.