Request for help verifying something on the PC version


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Mar 2, 2020
I've recently been working on the shake-off mechanics in the different RE games and I just realized I have never bothered with button mashing in the remake and completely relied on defense items. Turns out the shake-off is there and works well.

Now for my problem: If you mash OK/fire and run/cancel (A and X on Xbox, Cross and Square on the Playstation) and hammer the D-Pad/left stick, you can push a zombie away while it is biting you. You'll go down from three bites to only one bite (yay!) and you'll push the Z away. If the Z then topples against another Z or a wall, chances are the zombie will not bend backwards and stand, but fall down and stay there for a short duration. In the original gamecube version, Chris was able to reproducibly make the Z fall down, if you kept hammering the buttons (and wiggle the stick) during the push animation, while Jill only managed to push it into its standing state. On the PC, I am able to reproduce this behavior when the game is set to 30 FPS, but not on 60 FPS or Variable.

Could somebody with access to the PC version start a new game as Chris on "mountain hiking" and go to the first Z, let it grab Chris and try to shake it off hard and keep mashing the buttons until you have full control over Chris again, so the Z will fall down? Could that awesome person repeat this once at "Variable" FPS, at 60 FPS and then at 30 in that order? I don't know if it really doesn't work on 60+ FPS or if my arm was just so tired from all the testing, because I tested all other versions of RE1 on that day?

Bonus points: To rule out I'm just too old to mash buttons, could somebody try Jill on 30 FPS and see if it is possible to put the Z to the ground with her?

Attention: If you mess up the defense move and the Z gets to take three bites, then Jill and Chris will toss the Z to the ground automatically.