Redfield in REVII?

Chris Redfield?

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Dec 15, 2017
I'm a little late on my response but I hope that's not Chris. Why would he work for Umbrella? After all he has been through he decides to work for them? Maybe we are wrong and he created his own corporation called Umbrella but the symbol is blue instead of red. I really hope this is not really Chris, others are saying it's not Chris but is HUNK but that can't be right ether. In the credits it says it was Chris Redfield but I don't believe it. There better be a good explanation. The picture of Chris in Vendetta dose look the same in RE 7, that's really weird.


Mar 20, 2020

1. Looks nothing like him

2. Why change the VA 3 times in such a short space, same with character model

3. Why would he change the corporation he works for, especially to one which causes so much trouble in the world for him.
1. He looks like the actor who plays Chris in the live action cutscenes in RE1 (and so does new Jill)

2. They changed Chris to fit in with the rest of the photo-realistic graphics of RE7

3. He still works with UBCS. UBCS and 'reformed' Umbrella are working together. Chris says so in the intro of Not A Hero