REal-life effects of playing Resident Evil


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Am I the only one who's been experiencing something like this?

I live in a quite old apartment building, so when someone walks around the sound of footsteps can sometimes become quite obvious. Moreover, we have an underground basement where the community washer machines are, and the lights are pretty dim. The other day I was down there washing my clothes, when someone started to walk around quite heavily in the apartment above. I suddenly felt like I was inside RE2, and Mr. X was looking for me! It was super creepy, however the creepy feeling faded away after just a few seconds. But still!

If you have any similar experiences, please share.


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Picture it, the year is 1998.

I am 11 years old and I am at my Grandma's house playing through my Uncle's copy of RE2 for the first time. I get up to go to the bathroom. Grandma is asleep. It is almost midnight. I tiptoe through the kitchen. In the bathroom, I sit down. Relax. The I hear it. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK.

It is the exact sound of a Licker's claws as it slowly searches a room. My heart is racing. I am too dam tired. I know it is not real, but that noise is scary as hell. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. I let my imagination run wild. What the hell is making that CLICK noise!?

Turns out it was a leaky bath faucet. It dripped it 3 consecutive drips on the ancient drain making a CLICK CLICK CLICK noise. For years, I loved being in that bathroom because of that noise. Grandma lost her house in 2007 due to taking out thousands of dollars in loans to update the house... while having no money of her own. But I will always remember that sound.


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@UniqTeas That's a pretty creepy story. Sweet! Can't imagine the terror of imagining a licker looking dawn at you. At least when it comes to Mr X., you know he's slow.
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When this thread was made I didn't really have very much to contribute to it. However, since I've played more of RE2 (and had Mr X hounding me everywhere), I did think about how when one of my bosses walks around, he has really heavy footsteps. I was sat at my desk and had a little smirk to myself, because it sounds the way that Mr X's footsteps sound when he's on the floor above/below you.


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The footsteps of Mr. X are forever imprinted to my mind.

There's also that specific door sound he makes when entering the room you're in, and the other day I heard someone opening a door that sounded just like that!


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From reading horror books and zombie movies and stuff, I dream about zombies every now and then. I used to be pretty freaked when I woke up. Until I started playing RE. My "zombie dreams" started to change: now RE characters (mainly Leon) show up and fight the zombies and when I wake I'm more like "that was awesome!"
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