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Hi guys! I'm new here! I joined cause I couldn't find anybody else sharing this video here, which is kinda strange!
I was watching RE7 videos on Youtube, when I spotted this Jack Baker looking guy in the thumb and I opened the video...JUST WOW! :eek:
The incredible thing behind the video is that it's created by just this Ivan King guy which is a multi-artist (I've found his website too
I've never seen something so faithful to a RE game as a live action! You guys have to check it out!!

Likes: Ethan Winters


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That was pretty neat, although I'm not a fan of this type of music at all.

The positives: They really got the setting and interior design right, it definitely does look like the Baker mansion. I love the old wooden furniture, that was a nice touch. And the guy with the beard has an eerie resemblance to Jack Baker, so thumbs up for him. The editing was good too.

The negatives: Can't stand the main dude. Obviously they were not going for the Ethan look in the first place, but the hair, chains, clothes and tattoos is just too much metal for me and it doesn't fit into the other RE7 stuff. Also, the interior shots uses way too much blue color grading, and its strange since the exterior shots have different color grading. if I was the editor I'd have color graded the interior shots in a more yellow-greenish light to suit the grungy RE7 look. Now it looks like too cold, and that's not how a warm day in the swamps (where the Baker mansion is) would look like.