RE5 or RE6?


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If you're into Tomb Raider, try Underworld. One of the levels is set in South Mexico where Lara sets out to explore the Mayan underworld Xibalbá.

Wait, what? Isn't a tomahawk a weapon?

If you're wondering if Chris is of a mixed race, I believe that idea came from Romero giving him Native American roots in his rejected movie script, but in the games, no, I don't believe he was ever stated to be anything but white. I'm also still trying to find out if Jill is actually half-French and half-Japanese, but I can't even remember anymore where I got that from.
I think it is stated on the Resident Evil wiki page that Jill is half french and half japanese but I think that's silly. She was clearly played by a white actress in the live action cutscenes of the first game and Jill looks and sounds very much like an American white girl in every other game she's in. I think whoever invented that about her background was probably either a French guy who likes Japanese girls or a Japanese guy who likes French girls. Go figure.


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Residenf evil 5

At a least re 5 was a good action game and the story was connected to the rest of the franchise and wesker was the main antagonist, while re 6 was a poor action game whit poor plot, poor villains, and the plot doesn't have anything to do whit the series