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Resident Evil 4 RE4 TROPHIES SET


Dec 29, 2014
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Hello survivors!!!

Allready a thread here talking about the new RE4 on ps4 and xbox one trophys but i thought i would have making a list of trophys or kinda predict a new ones without further due here is my...:happy:

1.BLUE TREASUER:shoot all the blue medallions(bronze)

2.FUTUER ALLY: (secret) help the dog(bronze)

3.ITS GAME TIME: survive the zombie horde attack(bronze)

4.GIANT ESCAPE:choose the right path(after your encounter with luis)(bronze)

5.SHARP LEFT:choose the left path(bronze)

6.MAZE OF RATS: get out of salazar maze in (time)(silver)

7.TWO ON ONE: kill the two guredo before advancing further(hope i spell there name right!!! Those guys you encounter right before salazar through you down sewer(secret)(silver)

8.OLD HERITAGE:(secret) complet the crown set(salazar family gold crown gems)(silver)

9.INTO THE DUMB: throw atleast 2 unawer zombie into the dumb waste(secret)(bronze)

10.UNKNOWING:(secret) try to call for a back up(bronze)

11.UNEXPECTED CRASH: while you and ashly smashing your way out try not to die (while ashly driving the truck)(bronze)

12.COMMRAD: survive your first encounter with old friend(bronze)

13.JACK KENNEDY: dodge all of krauser male attacks(silver)

14.UNSOLVED END: complet the game in pro mode less then 8h(well i named it that way due to two things leon sayd replying to ashly not quite yet have to get you home.2. Ashly never mentioned either in other parts or what happen to her plus her father..(gold)

15.ALL IN: find all hidden treasuers(gold)

16.4 THEM: max out weapons(silver)

17.DARK TRADER:dont hurt the merchint stranger(silver)

Ok idk if you like my list but that what i have on mind... I bet the old or obvious trophy set will be there but you guys can tell me what i have missed? :suggestive:


I Saw the Devil
Feb 26, 2015
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I think Capcom should be told about this rather than we making a wish list. While I get that it's not as simple as just adding them I'd hope that if the game sold enough they'd put the efford fort in to adding more, and maybe even a platinum.