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Resident Evil 3 Remake RE3 Remake Review


Sep 20, 2020
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I was really excited for the remake of Resident Evil 3. The game graphics were ok, but the story wasn't as strong as the original and the remake of Resident Evil 2. To begin with, the biggest let down was the opening. I was really looking forward for seeing Raccoon City burning like in the original. This is where the game should have started. Starting as Carlos in the thick of it would have kicked the story of big time, then switch to Jill leaving her apartment with the nemesis.

Following on from restoring the power to the subway, Capcom should have had a scene when Jill goes back on the train into the city and sets the points to the other track. From here she could have collected a key that opens a room in the clock tower.

After the clocktower they should have redone the water plant and destroyed the nemesis there. Then one final battle with Nicholai in the helicopter. I know this is just a quick type up but I am sure veterans of the series understand what I mean.