RE0 REmake Chances?


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Hi team,

I was wondering the other day - If Capcom jumps on this REmake train for a long time - COULD we get a RE0 REmake?

If so, what do you want to add to it?

I hope they would deal with the bad costume designs personally. And add the boxes back in!

This also begs the question - if RE0 is remade - COULD we see a REMake remake??? This would be a long time off if so. haha


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I don't think any other Resident Evil game, except maybe like Code Veronica, or even Dead Aim if they wanna be weird about it, would get a chance of the REmake treatment.

I'd imagine the RE team would do something more original with it just because they can.
Same time, I can imagine some REmake games happening on the side.

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I honestly think it's too new. I mean Resident Evil Remake and Zero are, roundabout, the same age. If they remade Zero that would put pressure to remake, once again, the original.

For what? How many times can you remake the exact same thing before people get tired of it? And I'm sorry but I don't believe that they're going to just go off into this endless loop of remaking the entire series over and over again with newer technology.


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They already have a remaster out of RE0 which I can confirm looks gorgeous on a 4k tv with max settings (PC version) so it really does not need the remake treatment "currently", same goes for the RE1 and RE4 remasters which still have adequate graphics in their current upscaled states, so in short I doubt Capcom would make a remake for it anytime soon, chances are they will remake the games that actually need to have a severe graphical improvement such as RE3 or RECV.
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I agree with ToCool, I think they should stick to games that need an overhaul before redoing games that have already been remastered. I still want to see Code Veronica fixed next.


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I think RE0 should be the last of the REmake cycle for now if they decide to. Obviously, they should definitely remake Code Veronica, but I think RE0 has aged enough where in 5 or 6 years, we could get a nice remake of it.
I would relish a remake, but I would definitely prefer new titles.

I just thought an exercise about what you'd like for an RE0 remake would be fun!


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0 definitely doesn't need a remake. It was recently remastered and essentially a brand new game to many. It's not outdated like the PS1/Dreamcast era games. They already added a more accessible playstyle and to be quite honest, the game isn't really an essential part of the series or even a fan favorite. There is literally no need to remake it. At the very least, a re-release down the line that adds item boxes would be perfect.

The same goes to the original REmake which is absolutely perfect the way it is, but has already been considered for another remake simply because it is such an iconic game, that the idea of getting it to the standards of RE2 REmake would be very appealing, even to those who don't exactly find it necessary. It's more worthwhile for Capcom than 0 is, and 3 and CVX are really the only ones fans are asking for and can really benefit from a remake.
I never got to play 0 so i wouldn't really mind tbh.
if you haven't then I'd highly recommend playing the remaster version, as I pointed out earlier the remaster looks gorgeous on todays hardware especially the PC with max settings, the only reason to not play it would be if you do not like the "classic tank controls" but the new adjustments to the remasters tweaks it to be more bearable for newer fans with the new option to freely move in any direction but you still have to stop to shoot which never bothered me since I started out with the older ones lol.
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