Rank the Resident Evil Games You've Played.


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1. RE 2 Remake... I love this game. RE 2 Remake got me addicted from its release. The different scenarios you can play with the convenience of inventory expansion just drives me to keep playing.

2. RE 1 Remake... This was the 4th game of the series I got to play. But the 1st to get me addicted to playing through multiple times without hesitation. It was my #1 favorite until RE 2 Remake slightly edged out. Still love this game, even played more of it again recently.

3. Resident Evil 7... The Survival Horror feel is great. I haven't beaten the game myself yet, as when I decided to play it, RE 2 released. But I've seen many playthroughs & know what happens.

4. Resident Evil 5... I had a lot of fun with this game as an Action game. Particularly playing co-op. I don't really get a drive to play it solo as much. I really enjoyed the Lost in Nightmares DLC. I only disliked Chapter 2-3 & didn't care for Desperate Escape.

5. Resident Evil 4... Currently sitting in this spot since my last attempt at playing through didn't go well with the weapon sway & babysitting Ashley. Considering giving it another chance, since I keep getting lured into trying it again, so it'll possibly change rank.

6. Resident Evil Revelations 2... It's a fun Survival Horror co-op game, but the constant character switching can get annoying. My biggest complaint is probably getting hit while in my inventory when it has so many spaces. I do really enjoy Raid Mode though. Many hours played on that.

7. Resident Evil 6... The first RE game I had the chance to beat. I didn't enjoy the game much for multiple reasons. Mostly gameplay reasons. I'm just glad I knew RE games weren't all similar to that one. It was just too ambitious & couldn't perfect many aspects.
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1: Re2 (original). The daddy of them all. The most complete re game made imo. Awesome story and near perfect zapping system creating a much more complex play through.
2: Re1 (Original / Remake).
3: Re2make. A very well made alt version of RE2. If you take it as being non cannon, you will enjoy it more.
4: Re7.
5: Re3
6: Re5
7: Re4. Its a great action game but a very poor resident evil game.
8: Re6


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RE1=My first and most memorable playthrough, it's the closest I'll get to being genuinely terrified due to my young age I was merely 6 1/2 by the time I played this despite the fact it wasn't suitable for youngsters.

RE2/Remake=Always the second placement due to memories and a great story playthrough altogether, The recent REmake was nicely done, Couldn't say more really.

RE4=I wasn't bothered that this installment was set apart from the old school survival horror elements because it's such a great game anyway I'd give it a pass for not living up to its predecessors standards, So much fun for an action horror I played through numerous times especially with the Chicago typewriter and infinite RL.

RE3=The Nemesis was what made me hooked on this one but outside of that not as good as the original or the sequel.

RE:Code Veronica=It was okay and for being the final true survival horror game(Not including REmake) to be released prior to the more action oriented successors it was a cool experience personally especially with the return of the best antagonist in the whole franchise, Albert Wesker.

Everything afterwards was either hit and miss with me.


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RE3: Nemesis - First Resident Evil game I played back in the 90's, and therefore it has a certain nostalgia to it for me. It's also the only RE game in the original trilogy that I've actually played. I love how you get to run around and explore Raccoon City while trying to escape Nemesis. 9/10

RE: Revelations 2 - A very fun and entertaining game that got me back into the world of Resident Evil. Solid story with great combat. 8/10

RE Remake - Absolutely brilliant, and my favorite game in the series by far. I've played it over and over again since I first bought it last year, and it holds up as one of the best survival horror games ever made. The story, puzzles, and atmosphere is simply perfectly balanced between horror, action and mystery. It's always a good time. 10/10

RE Zero - Nothing against the gameplay, even though I found the bosses a bit too hard, but the story is simply not that interesting. It felt a bit silly, and once I beat it the first time I deleted it from my PS4 gallery. 5/10

RE 2 Remake - Well-crafted and extremely entertaining, with beautiful graphics and smooth controls. The replay value is so high! Even though I haven't played the original it definitely feels like an excellent remake. 10/10

RE: Code Veronica - A very unique standout that caught me by pleasant surprise. What excited me the most was the strange atmosphere that felt otherworldly, almost like a lucid dream (or nightmare?). The dialogue is extremely cheesy even by RE standards, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. 8/10

And that's it. Technically I've also watched through a let's play for RE7, and I think the story is average at best. If I'd have to rate RE7 based on story alone, I'd give it 6/10.


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I was about to say, I couldn't find the ranking that I made myself a while back with the Devil May Cry 1 combo tiers, just for fun