Rank the Resident Evil Games You've Played.


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1. RE 2 Remake... I love this game. RE 2 Remake got me addicted from its release. The different scenarios you can play with the convenience of inventory expansion just drives me to keep playing.

2. RE 1 Remake... This was the 4th game of the series I got to play. But the 1st to get me addicted to playing through multiple times without hesitation. It was my #1 favorite until RE 2 Remake slightly edged out. Still love this game, even played more of it again recently.

3. Resident Evil 7... The Survival Horror feel is great. I haven't beaten the game myself yet, as when I decided to play it, RE 2 released. But I've seen many playthroughs & know what happens.

4. Resident Evil 5... I had a lot of fun with this game as an Action game. Particularly playing co-op. I don't really get a drive to play it solo as much. I really enjoyed the Lost in Nightmares DLC. I only disliked Chapter 2-3 & didn't care for Desperate Escape.

5. Resident Evil 4... Currently sitting in this spot since my last attempt at playing through didn't go well with the weapon sway & babysitting Ashley. Considering giving it another chance, since I keep getting lured into trying it again, so it'll possibly change rank.

6. Resident Evil Revelations 2... It's a fun Survival Horror co-op game, but the constant character switching can get annoying. My biggest complaint is probably getting hit while in my inventory when it has so many spaces. I do really enjoy Raid Mode though. Many hours played on that.

7. Resident Evil 6... The first RE game I had the chance to beat. I didn't enjoy the game much for multiple reasons. Mostly gameplay reasons. I'm just glad I knew RE games weren't all similar to that one. It was just too ambitious & couldn't perfect many aspects.
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1: Re2 (original). The daddy of them all. The most complete re game made imo. Awesome story and near perfect zapping system creating a much more complex play through.
2: Re1 (Original / Remake).
3: Re2make. A very well made alt version of RE2. If you take it as being non cannon, you will enjoy it more.
4: Re7.
5: Re3
6: Re5
7: Re4. Its a great action game but a very poor resident evil game.
8: Re6