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Resident Evil: Village PLEASE READ! Posting guide for RE8/Village

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Feb 3, 2009
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First off, you guys are awesome and this won't apply to pretty much all of you coz you already abide by our rules. This post is also up for regular review.

That being said, Resident Evil titles are becoming more and more explicit in their content. For some of you, this is a welcome change/return to horror roots - but for others (and potentially the spiders and bots that check us out every day) it's a potential problem. If people start embedding, linking to and/or posting content that is sexually explicit, gratuitously violent or anything of that ilk, we see two things happening: an uptick in porn spam (my personal NON favourite spam to deal with) and the risk of being in trouble with Google over certain content. An example of this is a link I've had to delete today which led to an Amazon page selling pornographic fan art of Lady Dimitrescu. Whilst Amazon isn't a "dodgy" site (politics aside), the content is obviously not something we want to associate with nor be encouraging people to visit.

Can I just ask that before we put up anything here, can we first make sure it's not sexually explicit/adult or gratuitously violent? I understand that the RE games are, obviously, for mature audiences, but let's face it - kids play them. Despite my personal views on that, it's a reality we can't avoid and with that in mind, we have always had a policy on linked or embedded content: please keep it as clean as possible. So whilst I don't expect trailers to be full of fluffy bunnies and rainbows, if they happen to be quite graphic or potentially NSFW please do not post them here, as per our rules. We request that new members be 18 or older to sign up here, but people lie (obvs) and there's not much else we can do to stop younger people signing up. What we CAN do is ensure we keep things as clean as possible around here.

As I've stated at the start of this thread: you guys already abide by the rules and this won't really apply because you're using your common sense when posting. If you do see anything that is posted and could be a problem within these guidelines, just flag it to staff and we'll edit it accordingly. We are not going to start banning people over it (unless there are repeated events after being asked to provide spoilers or edit content) and I totally appreciate that mistakes happen and people can post in haste or forget tags etc. Don't worry about it and no one is going to go mad - just let us know if you run into any issues with it all and the staff will help you out.

Any problems or questions, please feel free to message me. If anyone wants to dispute this, may I please direct you, in the first instance, to the of signing up to our forums, which you would have had to agree to in order to become a member here.

As ever, we appreciate all of you and thank you for being part of our community!
Not open for further replies.