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PC Hardware Thread

Gun Powder B

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Sep 2, 2021
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Since Capcom did announce that they want to make RE a more PC-centric franchise going forward and the fact that Intel has now gotten into the GPU business and it's an interesting time going forward for tech in general, I think a thread on the comings and goings of gaming hardware might yield an interesting discussion.

Personally, I am excited for Intel's new Arc GPU's. Despite a rough start with DX11 and DX9 compatibility, it's looking like a Intel's Arc770 can compete with a RTX 3060 (Not bad for a 1st generation flagship card!).

Current Gen consoles use AMD hardware, which I never really cared for, so it'll be exciting to have my next laptop be an exclusively Intel affair (CPU and GPU) and will probably wait for their second generation cards to launch (Codenamed 'Battlemage') in 2023 or 2024, provided they work out their backwards compatibility issues and get a hang of updating drivers for GPU's, something they've admitted that they're still shaky on.