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Uncategorised Outbreak editor released :)


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May 6, 2021
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Thought the community here might like to know that an Outbreak editing tool has recently been released.

It still needs some good tutorials on how to use it, and is still in it's very early stages, but it is possible to edit enemy spawns, item sets, item properties, enemy stats, player stats, event script files (though there are still many unknown codes), etc etc. Editing of audio files (voices, BGM, sound effects) is also being added.

Editing of character model textures requires different tools, but there are a growing number of players involved with this. I've made several custom textures myself which i use to personalise and enhance my gaming experience.

I even have a patch (not a cheat engine code) that stops the Virus Gauge (VG) timer, so the only way you can die from 100% VG is by taking a lot of hits.

I intend to make some training mods of scenarios which will basically give either spawns of only 1 or 2 item types (either lots of them to be picked up throughout the scenarios or hey will be made infinite, if not already so like knives). I might add extra enemies of certain types too so players can maximise the opportunity to learn how to effectively kill enemies with any weapon - and how not to kill them with certain weapons.

Outbreak is the only game i play these days. I love the online version. It has its flaws for sure, but the spirit of cooperation and looking out for each is what i love about this online game. I was sorry i never got to play online back in 2005 when i first got the PAL versions. But needed a broadband internet connection, which i didn't have access to for another 2-3 years and then the US servers were already offline.

Discovered there were emulated servers for JAP version of Outbreak 2 years ago so have been heavily involved in the relatively small Outbreak community (obsrv.org and discord server ).

For those interested, there are some hardcore mods for downloading and trying posted in obsrv.org forums. I also have a Discord server dedicated to Outbreak mods and researching the game so we can make our own scenarios eventually. I'm not here to advertise it, but DM me if anyone wants to join. It is pretty damn clear that Capcom will not be releasing any new or even the original Outbreak games. So fan-made stuff is going to be the only new content we will see.