Opinion on Not A Hero DLC?


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I completed the Not A Hero DLC yesterday. Although I wish it would have been longer, I enjoyed it personally. What did you all think about it?


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Gameplay wise:

I thought it was funner to play than the main story, the controls seemed better and had a few more mechanics which I wish they could have expanded out a little more. (oh no this room is dark and I need night vision, at least there's a pair of night vision goggles right here)

Story wise:

What story? This was more of a overtime mode for the main story and just had the character Chris redfield in for the sake of inserting a character from the past.
This didn't really give any worthwhile Chris story and also didn't really give much else to lucas except that he's a serial arsehole (shocking)


It took I think just under 2 hours for me to complete with a couple of deaths. I think it could have been a bit longer though to make the new mechanics a bit worthwhile.

Enemy variations:
Though there was practically two enemies only, there was a nice amount of different molded variations and a boss. I think this dlc has more enemies than the main game

New items:
Chris had access to a Shotgun, Handgun and different nades.
All of these excluding the hand grenades felt powerful (Shotgun was sexy and devastating af) I had to use alot of grenades though more so for the purpose of keeping the barrage of enemies away from me, especially when mixed with one of the new white molded (which can't be damaged without the use of new ramrod rounds) the hand grenades didn't seem very powerful so I mainly used these for secondary stun grenades.
Oh he also had a flippy knife which was fun to flip, didn't do much damage but flips!

If this came out when originally planned when the game was still fresh I would have given this a pretty neat score, but I think the delayed delay has affected the appeal so I think I'd give it a 6/10. Mostly for the gameplay, the fact it's '' chris'' didn't really do much for me since I'm still sort of like "why?"
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This particular DLC was free, so I guess we shouldn't gripe about it too much. Chris being in the game (DLC or not) was also rather random too. It looks nothing like him at all, so they could have just as easily used a new soldier character working with the Blue Umbrella squadron, and it felt like a cheap way to connect 7 to the rest of the series, so it felt like it "belonged" in the saga.

In general, we got a very odd mix of DLC. "End of Zoe" was kind of fun, but very unusual for a horror game in that you (mostly) just fight. It made the enemies look like pussies in comparison to the earlier games where you'd be sweating buckets if just four or five zombies cornered you in a narrow hallway. The other DLC apart from the one where you play Zoe before the outbreak was brief, but good. However, the rest of the DLC was not that impressive.
I dig it. I wish you could unlock some of these weapons & ammo in the main game. I agree it's more fun than the main game in some ways. (SPOILER) And who did Chris get a message from at the end?