Old VS New: Resident Evil 2


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Hello everyone!

As you know, REmake 2 has recently came out and I have enjoyed it very much, but I still hold the original in high regard

So I am wondering...in between the two of them, which one do you like the most? The classic or the remake?
I prefer things about the Remake and I prefer things about the original. I find it hard to compare the two simply because I don't necessarily find it fair to critique gameplay concepts and mechanics of the original against today's standards. The technology was so different back then and things have advanced so much in twenty years that I just don't find comparing the two justifiable.

They're both great games in their own right.
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I still prefer the original Resident Evil 2.

Even though Chief Irons role was short in the original he had two one liners

"Everyone's gonna die."
"Ill take you with me"

I still remember the old tv commercial of the game back then where they included Irons's line "Everyone's gonna die."
I prefer the remake, but the original is a classic, however i love the intense atmosphere the rpd brings at times, especially your first time in it, plus i love the over the shoulder view, i think it puts you more in the characters shoes

For a police station that was overrun with zombies and people slaughtered i think the original lacked signs of it


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This is a 50/50 toss up for me. Maybe 55/45 FOR the Remake.

When the original REmake came out, it gave us everything in the original PLUS extra greatness. It managed to completely nullify the original. There is hardly a reason to play the original Resident Evil aside from nostalgia purposes.

RE2 REmake gave us an incredible remake. Updated/horrifying. However, it didn't replace the original. It gave us a modern version without the depth of the B scenario given in the original. You can absolutely enjoy the original still. So, while it was a great REmake - it is not a complete replacement. Maybe slightly better than the original. But not giving us everything we needed.


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The only thing worth comparing is the story beats imo.

Which I feel the Original still does better without a doubt. Likewise, enemy variety, and very specifically the lack of one enemy in the Original is something it has over the remake. The rest, I think RE2Make does better.
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I haven't played the original so I can't give my 2 cents about it.

I will say this though; the remake is phenomenal. I haven't replayed a linear single-player game so much since... Silent Hill 3 and 4, and that was over 10 years ago. As a matter of fact, I very seldom replay games more than once, and now I've already replayed RE2 remake 6 times. It's just so damn good its ridiculous.