New Member here! :D


Youtube Lets Player @GrizzlyChameleon
Hey everyone!
first things first.. I LOVE THE RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE! i didn't have the pleasure of playing the original, i started on resident evil 3 nemesis.. and erm.. that game gave me nightmares.. haha!!
But i am absolutely loving the new game! i also loved resident evil 7 too!

Anyway, hello to you all! i'm happy to become a part of a community like Resi!
I will say i do have a youtube channel that i've played through resident evil 7, and currently resident evil 2 remake! and boy oh boy am i loving it!
i've been doing Leons campaign first, Mr X is TERRIFYING! THOSE FOOTSTEPS!

i did read a post which tells you to introduce yourself, and well..
I was studying professional music performance in college until i became unwell and housebound, which definitely puts a downer on things.. but DAMN NOW I CAN SPEND TIME PLAYING GAMES! HAHA!

anyway thank you for welcoming me to the community!
you'll be hearing more from me!