New Guy Here

So I ended up here last night hoping to find some help with finding some info about what seems to be a very rare RE1 for Win 95 game. Since I'm a big fan of the franchise I'll probably stick around and get active in the forum.

Some more info about myself:

- 42 years young.
- Started gaming around 1984 on Atari 2600, got much more into gaming when I got a NES in 1987.
- Got into the RE franchise kind of late. RE4 on the Wii was the first one I actually completed, then RE5 on 360, then I went backwards and completed everything else in the main series, as well as some of the other stuff.
- I'm a single parent of a soon to be 13 year old mini-me gaming dude. Although he's way into Fortnite & Minecreaft he also enjoys the classics... the stuff he watched me play when he was very young. Metroids, Marios, Tetris(he's almost as good as me now), Mega Mans, and all the good stuff from the 80s & 90s.
- I also like some brews and some consider me a civilized ape in human form, or vice versa. That will sorta explain my chosen avatar. I'm also into 90s hip hop and got the title Steve Wonda when I started DJing in the late 90s. My first name is Steven and everybody used to call me Stevie Wonder so eventually I dropped the DJ name I had chosen originally and went with Steve Wonda. That's what I use on all forums I'm apart of just because...well...that's who I am/was.

I'm going to stop now just in case I still can't start a new thread, although I think I should be able to since it's an introduce yourself one.
*It did let me start it so I added a bit to what was already typed in* 3 to go.
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