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Resident Evil 3 Remake My take on an RE3make Extended Cut Part Two.

Nov 22, 2021
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And I'm back. In my last thread, I covered how I would fix the opening segment of RE3 Remake. By bringing back the live decisions and introducing branching story paths and a few new areas, I was able to turn the opening from a straight linear path to one that offered the player choices while still keeping its roller-coaster pace. Now comes part 2. And for this part, we're going to rearrange the sequence of story events that take place.

In Slaver Studios' video Resident Evil 3 All Cut Content, it is shown that Jill was supposed to head to the Police Station from the Parking Garage. In fact, in the video you can the street Jill crashes into is right in front of the RPD. So we need to update the map by adding a few new streets. First, the street we just mentioned, which from the video is cluttered with piled-up cars. I'm guessing either Jill and Carlos were supposed to weave through them or take the street to the left which the map shows to have a straight narrow alley that would put them right in front of the side gate.

Next, we add Ennerdale Street, which is right in front of the station. Mostly the part in front of the side gate. Finally, we add the part of Redstone St that passes by the Construction Site. We'll clear the debris from the road so we can get there. With just these few changes we've connected Downtown with the Police Station and Uptown, increasing the size of the overall map.

Now that we've updated the map, it's time to move forward. If Carlos saved Jill outside the parking lot, He'll accompany her to the Police Station. The two get to know each other better over a jog. If Brad sacrificed himself to save Jill, then she must make her way alone. She meets Carlos outside the front doors, where the suave mercenary is trying and failing to get Marvin to open the door for him. After laughing at his 'smoothness' Jill convinces Marvin to open the door for her.

Inside the Main Hall, Jill and Carlos meet Marvin (Not bitten) and Elliot Edward. (In one piece) They explain that the station was mostly overrun, putting a damper on Carlos's hopes of finding any survivors to bring to the subway shelter. Elliot says that a group of officers led by David Ford went to the West Wing in order to get access to the armories. Our next objectives are to find those officers, gain access to the main armory, and the armory in the STARS office. Since we need a STARS ID card to open the lockboxes scattered throughout the Station and a badge to open the STARS armory. I'm reconning the live decision in Bar Jack so that Brad gives Jill his card case in the event she chooses to run.

Once again it's live decision time and this time it's simple. Simply choose whether you want to play the next part as Jill or Carlos. The character you don't choose will man the computer at the front desk and guide them via radio. This decision will affect both characters' arsenals as Carlos gets the ACOG sight for his rifle, while Jill gets the shotgun from the armory as well the red dot sight for her pistol in the West Office. The other character will get their upgrade at Kendo's Gun Shop.

Speaking of weapons, I think it's a good time to tell you that this is where the crafting mechanic is introduced. Crafting experience also returns along with the ability to create enhanced ammo.

The path through the West Office remains much the same aside from dialogue, although I must point out the hole in the wall on the third floor is suspiciously absent.

Regardless, once you opened the STARS armory and step out Dr. Bard will contact you on the computer. This call is pretty much the same. Once it's over the other character will call you on the radio to tell you a horde of zombies has broken through the front gate. Your objective is now to return to the Main Hall. However, once you reached the bottom of the stairs, Nemesis will crash through the wall on the third floor and jump down to the first. Depending on who you're playing with your path to escape will differ.

Jill's path requires her to head to the third floor, through the hole in the wall, through the statue room and the library, across the Main Hall balcony, through the art storeroom out the door on the third floor of the east stairwell, down the ladder, through the bird hall, down the outside staircase, through the gate and down the path to the front doors.

This is the part where we see the Zombie Brad scene, but depending on how Brad died, there may be a twist.

If Brad died in the bar, then he and the other zombies will be normal. However, if he died by Nemesis's hand then he and the others will be parasite zombies. (Who do you think unlocked the front gate?)

Carlos's path is back the way he came, closing the steel shutter behind him. He arrives in time to see Jill, Marvin and Elliot rush back in Marvin is wounded. Jill hears the Nemesis and realizes she's putting everyone in danger. So she tells Elliot to get Marvin out of there before heading out the front doors.

Either way, we're leaving the station through the side gate and heading up the street past the construction site.

I've decided to simplify this segment, Looking back I think the third-floor pursuit was too long and winding, so I've decided to update it with a new branching path. The Nemesis's entrance to the stairwell now has both characters going back the way they came to the front hall and exiting through the front doors.

This is where the new branching path will be placed. You can either go right out the gate you entered or head up the road past the construction site.

Or you can go out through the front gate and head left down Ennerdale Street. Then take a left down the street on the East Side of the RPD until you reach an alley. Head through that alley and you'll find yourself right in front of Kendos. The Zombie Brad scene still plays out and is dependent on his earlier fate.

I've decided to update this part again. After thinking about it, going through the front doors that has a group of zombies outside might be a bad idea. So Instead I''ll have Jill and Carlos head through the east hallway and out the fire escape door. Jill stops to place a chain and padlock on the door behind them. Then have them head up the stairs into the chopper corridor down the corridor to the rooftop down the stairs through the back alley into the boiler room then the janitor's room and out the door that is boarded shut in RE2 remake. Jill points out Kendo's gun shop and the two duck inside where they are confronted by Kendo. Jill tells him to get down and the three of them duck down behind the desk. A hushed conversation ensues.

"Were you followed?" Kendo asks. Jill replies with "Unfortunately yes" When Kendo asks how many, Carlos answers with "Just some creep stalking her." Jill hears the Nemesis and hushes them both. A tense few moments pass as the Nemesis steps into view. He looks into the window, sees the store is empty then enters the store. He looks around some more, then walks up to the counter. He steps behind to find it is empty. Then he walks out the back door into the alley, finding it empty as well. Satisfied he leaves through the gate Leon and Ada took.

Jill, Carlos, and Kendo step out from the door in the alley. That was too close to call. Kendo tells Jill and Carlos to go on ahead without and points out the key on the wall before heading back inside. After gathering supplies from the shop, Jill and Carlos head through the alley and the house where they arrive at the entrance to the Subway Station.

(Update: I've decided to make the encounter with zombie Brad optional after the fight with Flamethrower Nemesis. You'll have to head back to the police station to find him. As before if he died at Jack's Bar he will be a normal zombie. If he died at the parking garage, he will be a parasite zombie.

And that's the police station done. Obviously, Carlos and Tyrell will not be returning later. Next time we head Downtown. And I'd like to hear some of your suggestions on how to fix it.

Leave them down below. And I'll see you all soon.
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