MY ICS 60 Final: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Review

Note: this will not be a traditional game review in the sense of how i review my experience of the playthrough, it's more of a review of the parts that make up the sum. Parts which i learned and were focused on in my college course ics 60 at uci. Thanks. Enjoy.

I will admit, my final verdict on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is not far off from my initial playthrough or my general first impressions pre-playthrough. Resident Evil 7 is a revitalization of an old franchise by refocusing the storytelling mechanic, aesthetic, and style of play/ presentation to adapt to a new age of adventure and action games (more specifically, horror games). This essay will evaluate the composition and impact of Resident Evil in light of concepts learned in ICS 60.
The previous Resident evil has had their own style-plot form. The original 4 were more slow-horror related while the 5th and 6th installments were more action-oriented while focusing less on a plot. Resident Evil 7 follows this model and adds a new face to the franchise with a first-person survival horror-adventure game. While the original horror was more action-y and the action-y was pure fodder, Resident Evil 7 fully immerses the player with a first-person view of the dark, cold, and claustrophobic environment. In this game, the characters actually have an emotional attachment and genuine emotion to their essence. The antagonist family creeps you out as you constantly work to avoid them while you gain a type of friendship with an ally while you search for your girlfriend (all of which build emotion constantly). This experimental version of storytelling plays off modern trends and not only helps the narrative by putting the player in the action, but it also helps the social and gaming culture surrounding the game as well.
The new sect of adventure games: the survival horror has opened a door for many forms of culture recognition outside of just the immediate playthrough of content: streaming, speed running, etc. The game itself has post-game content that literally has its own capabilities to speed run through levels and compare on a global scale. Most importantly, however, it is a horror game that has streaming potential. People watch game streams for various reasons, amongst these reasons are personality, emotion, and reaction. Horror movies are ripe for this market because with games like slender, outlast, and amnesia, we have streaming personalities jumping at the bit to gain the lucrative views that this horror experience gives the community more inclined to share the experience than play it alone.
The only negative point that would come as a part of this exposure to gaming community is the one that protective parents would bring up about the type of excessive or mature content that their child is exposed to. The game takes a very blunt approach to violence and gore as part of it’s aesthetic for dark and disturbing horror journey. So, naturally, it would garner some attention from the discourse of video game violence and its effect on people. But in the general scale of things, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has its place in the market for sure.
Resident Evil 7’s overhaul in playstyle, revamped aesthetic, and a newfound focus on narrative allows a far more enhanced horror game than previous spin-offs and installments have allowed offering over the years. Resident evil has a whole new face now and the 3rd wind of life that it hadn’t had before and it’s all thanks to this new revamp. I’m excited to see what they do in the future with the focus on more personal stories and a more immersive playstyle. Solid 8/10.