Most Favorite RE4 Gun

My favorite gun in any RE game: The almighty shotgun. All three versions, although I upgrade and use the Riot Gun more than the other two.

The Semi auto rifle and the Chicago typewriter are fun runner ups.


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YEAH WELL, I can go into detail with my weapon loadout too. I love RE4 too much.

I use the Red9 for all my handgun needs because of its firepower and stability. Takes up more space, but enemies drop very quickly. That stock can make headshots a matter of skill, not luck.
For a first playthrough, I use the Pump-Action Shotgun until the Striker is available, because it's the smallest shotgun in the menu and holds up to 100 shells, conserving space. Repeat playthroughs I use the Riot Gun because it's amazing.
While I experimented a bit with the Bolt Action Rifle in my GameCube days, I tend to largely ignore it. Once that Semi-Auto is available, I use that one because its Exclusive upgrade is insanely helpful.
I use the T.M.P. for certain situations like the Mendez bossfight or Ashley's Class 3 Motor License Adventure through the tunnel.
And while it may give some people a heartattack, I don't use the Broken Butterfly. I sell it for easy money, even on a first playthrough. It's more money to upgrade my other weapons with to make them better.

TL;DR - I've played RE4 too much to be healthy.

there's no love for the minethrower? :(
I've killed myself too much with that P.O.S., plus its ammo drops are very rare, even more so than Magnum ammo.


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I like Ada's crossbow with the explosive arrows and the mine launcher (I think that's what it is called correct me if I'm wrong it's been years since I played the game). The Mine Launcher is fun for doing groin shots.

I also like the P.R.L. cannon even though it makes the game too easy. The laser effects just look too cool.


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I really enjoy using the Killer 7 in the main campaign. And using the Hydra in The Mercenaries.

It's so satisfying destroying enemies with a magnum. And the Broken Butterly is too slow for my tastes.
there's no love for the minethrower? :(
Nah, I love mine thrower; it was really useful in castle. It feels improved from RE3's version as well even though I like RE3 more than RE4. It isn't that much useful in island though so I sell the scope when I reach there but keep the gun for Saddler boss fight.


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Favorite hands down is the bolt action rifle. Second is the handgun you start with. (This is my standard loadout.)

For certain parts I use the riot gun. It's got great handling and it's a shotgun (lol) so yes very nice. I just prefer rifles.

I really don't use anything else.