Mia Attic Battle Madhouse fix please (minor spoilers)


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Ok, so there's no beating around the bush, RE7 is the best game/story in the entire RE franchise, and it's made so well, that it's fun to play at almost anytime. HOWEVER.... Fighting Mia in the Attic in Madhouse mode is not fun or done correctly. One in every 30 tries is a very slim possiblilty of getting passed her, and I'm not exaggerating. On top of that, not to brag, but I'm a better gamer than A lot of people, at least that I've played against in Game Battles back in the day, and just about every game I've played that other people I know have played since then.

Now I'm not saying I haven't beat Mia in Madhouse mode before, but going back and doing it again just makes me not want to play. But literally all the rest of the battles throughout the game are much easier, and i find that to be massive BS. Like how can Jack with his chainsaw scissors be easier than a crazed B1tch with a regular chainsaw? I suggest in Madhouse mode lowering her health 5-10% because:

A: Its the intro of the game, nobody likes playing a game that seems impossible, eswpecially if the beginning is that way. I killed the Deathclaw in Fallout 4 on Very Hard in 3 tries the other day, and I was half goofing off...

B: There's no item box until after the first encounter with the fam, so no perks or nothing to help fight against Mia OR Jack in the intro. And remember that its all the intro until you make it to the first safe room.

C: In easy AND NORMAL modes, getting passed the intro is so easy, its nearly impossible to die, unless you make a silly mistake or just plain suck at gaming. So to make it THAT much harder, just sucks. A lot.

Again, It's not full on impossible, but to be the hardest fight in the game, and it's the first real fight of the game, just no. nonononono. No, NO. no. Thats a big no no. Go sit ion the corner and think about it. I'm not gonna ruin the strategy to take her down in madhouse, but she needs to have 5-10% health cut, because even that isn't gonna make it much easier, but for people like me who have gamed their whole life, and find the easier difficulties to be entirely too easy, we know even on hard difficulty if you're a good enough strategist, you shouldn't be dying more than 3-5 times before getting passed the INTRO of the game. So take her health down 5-10%, I can't stress it enough, it's annoying as hell. And yes... I know where all the ammo and both health bottles are in the attic. Bet most of ya didn't realize there's a second health bottle up there before fighting her :p


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I have to be honest, I didn't have much trouble with Mia on Madhouse (and I'm not trying to be cocky here, I'm just sharing my experience). I killed her on my second try on my first Madhouse play through and I don't think it took me too much longer on my second either, though that one did take a few more attempts.

I wouldn't worry too much about spoiling strategies as the game has been out a good while now. As soon as she spawned I ran to the door that leads to the corridor and opened up with headshots on her. Then I ran through the door and down the corridor waiting for her to destroy the door and headshotted her again. After that I locked myself in the room with the phone and she breaks through the wall if you wait long enough and runs at you so you can headshot her again, go back into the corridor and keep hitting her til she goes down.

It's funny because it wasn't the bosses that caused me the most grief on Madhouse, it was the molded. I took the time to beat Jack's final form with a handgun (believe me, that took a good few attempts) so that I could save my best ammo for fat molded and four-legged Molded because I found them the most difficult. I don't know why it worked out that way, but it did.

I actually enjoyed that Madhouse was so challenging. People may disagree but I think it's more satisfying when you finally kill that enemy you've been stuck on.

Bet most of ya didn't realize there's a second health bottle up there before fighting her :p
I reckon most people will have done. Don't underestimate us here; as RE fans we know to search every nook and cranny for supplies. ;) And even if people didn't find it, does it really matter?
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I'll definitely say Madhouse mode is the mode to play on. Idk, maybe i'm just getting unlucky this time around with her. But yea that's the same thing I do, it makes it easier if you have the loop once she comes thru the wall, which honestly cracks me up every time. Also glad to hear everyones on board with searching the game like you lost your phone in there somewhere lol. But I'm goin for headshots til I'm outta ammo and I've been hitting her in the head with the axe several times after and she's still not goin down xp But I feel like once I've drawn the fight out longer she hits harder, like goin from being able to take a hit 3 times when she first jumps down and tricks ya sometimes and instead of swinging at your head, she jabs it in your belly, but the passed 2 tries i did (this morning before work when I made this post), once I feel like I'm about to take her down, she'l get one good jab in, and then just shove it in my belly and rip my sh1t up lol. Don't get me wrong, I'll never back down, but god for being the first boss fight without even being able to use my new stuff I got from beating the game a few times, it's hellish xp I guess I could stop rushing it too, I'll just play cat and mouse with her, but that gets old. And no, obviously it doesn't matter if you get passed her, however I didn't want people getting on and making dumb remarks about different things I can try. It's not like there's many other options or much area to look around.


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Yup, 2nd try playing cat and mouse. Yawn. Hasn't even been 15 min!!!! Maybe there are times to not play, when waking up. So whatever, guess thats the only way. I like feeling like the more i rage fight like Kirito (SAO) the more of a fighting chance I have. Aite well imma take this down l8r tonite


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I actually had to look up a strategy for this fight because I had so much trouble with it, but I eventually got past it using some tips I found on various sites on the net:

1) When she charges at you, you can block her and you will grapple with her. You will then push her off of you and she will be still enough for you to land a pretty easy head shot. This only works when she charges though, no when she actually swings the chainsaw.

2) Let her tear down the doors surrounding the middle room with 2 exits; this gives you an infinite loop to run around and not get stuck in a corner.

3) I read a post that says it takes roughly 24 headshots to kill Mia, leaving very little room for error. When I finally did kill her, I think I counted 20 or 21 shots when she died. I got most of them using the block/grapple technique I shared above since I was horrible at actually getting a headshot while she was hobbling around during the rest of the fight.

And I agree with Jen, the molded were the hardest part for me when it came to Madhouse, especially the fat molded (which I learned to use nuero rounds against rather quickly in my run) and the crawling molded, although the saw was great against them, I later learned. And the molded swarm at the end... my goodness, that was one of the few times I've ever actually rage quit a game.


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I finished the game last night on normal mode. I seriously don't know how you all were able to do in Madhouse. I can't tell you how many times I died in normal. It was, however, one of the best games I've played, ever!!! It certainly brought me back to how the early RE games played. There were at least 6 times where something would happen and my heart would be pounding out of my chest.