Lisa Trevor Is A Horror


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Hey all -

I was recently thinking about the major differences between the REmake and the RE2 REmake and I have to say that the addition of a horrifying half monster like Lisa Trevor really did a service to the original REmake. With the original REmake, they added so much story and depth without taking anything away from the original. Lisa Trevor is the horrific poster child of these added changes. She is used sparingly and it really adds great suspense, horror, and sadness to the lore of the game.

RE2 really added minimal additions and while they were mostly great changes, there is nothing as good as the Lisa Trevor addition. Change my mind? Or agree?
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I agree. Lisa added a whole new dimension to the original remake and I think that RE2 could have really benefited from something similar. Maybe they feel they added something with the whole orphanage section, but... it didn't have the same impact with me as Lisa Trevor did.

Though, I liked how creepy they made Irons.

EDIT: I'll hold a grudge against Lisa forever for ruining my no save speed run....
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Jen, you jumped on to my exact next topic in this thread.

YES, The Orphanage was a fun addition - but this was a very minimal addition when you look at the game in it's entirety. Overall, I still think the RE2 REmake is a better game, but REmake is a better remake. REmake replaced the original for me. However, we still need the original RE2 as a companion piece with the RE2 REmake.

Lisa Trevor is just the defining quality about how much they really added when the made REmake. The extra puzzles/locations/storylines are so much more invigorating to the lore.

And additionally, I am sorry that Lisa Trevor ruined your no save speed run. I assume at the part when she attacks and you have to push the bags off the edge into the pit. That's fairly far into the game and that really is unfortunate.


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Lisa Trevor was easily my scariest experience from playing REmake. It's hard to imagine her not being a part of the original game, which I haven't played.
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