Let's talk about Resident Evil action figures

Aug 16, 2020
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Anyone have a collection? Memories? Wishes? Gripes?

As a fan from the nineties, the original Toy Biz line was a dream come true. I had been obsessed with RE1 for a few years when these figures first appeared in toy magazines, and it delighted me to be getting these characters in toy form. They hold up fairly well visually for the time and the selection of monsters really allowed you to recreate tons of scenarios from the game. I was disappointed that they never made more STARS members (particularly Barry, Wesker, and Rebecca), but the RE 2 set wisely expanded the selection of humans. Unlike with RE1, we got pretty much every major human character from RE2 in figure form and, like the first series, those figures hold up fairly nicely. I was definitely bummed when, after scouring magazine racks and toy aisles for a year, it became apparent that no RE3 set was forthcoming. Nevertheless, I still have the complete set of these toys somewhere in my mom's house and have insanely fond memories of them.

I really liked the Palisades figures that came next, but that set inaugurated the trend of very spotty and ultimately incomplete character selection that would plague every RE line moving forward. Though I have great nostalgic affection for the TB version, I ended up loving the Leon figure Palisades made and still think it's probably the quintessential figure of the character. I've had that figure on display in various apartments for twenty years and have never really seen a reason to replace it. They also banged out nice versions of other key characters, including Claire and Wesker. Unfortunately, even those characters weren't in what I consider to be their trademark looks and they never got around to really fleshing out the entire universe of characters.

Admittedly, I became less obsessed with RE after being disappointed at the direction taken by RE4 and missed out on some of the stuff made by NECA and others. Even still, most of those lines feature a few key characters but never really approached the level of variety and comprehensiveness achieved by the early TB line. Kind of crazy that, in what is ultimately a golden age of action figures, we still haven't gotten a true, expansive Resident Evil line outside of the Toy Biz stuff. I keep hoping that someone (preferably NECA or Storm or even Hasbro) will launch a line of RE figures (preferably based on the early games) and really commit to producing all the key characters from the games in their trademark looks.

I did recently discover the existence of the PlayArts RE6 figures. I had no idea these even existed, likely because I was pretty much tuned out when RE6 came out. I'd like to get a Leon since I am finally playing through RE6 and find it weirdly enjoyable, but it looks like they're not easy to find for less than 150 dolllars at this point. Anyone know a place to get these on the cheap somehow?