Leech zombie - immortal?

Playing HD version.

After i exploded the LZ to bits in the toilet corridor, i came back to that place to pick up some items in the toilet, and the LZ appeared again! What? I clearly killed him, so WTF is going on? Why is he appearing all over again in the same place? Does the computer generate LZ per new every time you destroy him?
I don't know how many times they'll respawn, I know theres one more outside that corridor, you'll meet more later on. Save your Molotovs specifically for them.

That specific part your talking about, I would recommend just running away from them. Try your best to go in the room and collect the items and bounce.
There are parts where you must face them head on cuz the hallway is just to small to pass by without getting hit. If its your first playthrough then you might get caught off guard, but then reload, (or leave the room and come back prepared to blow them away) and know what to expect and get that bugger.
And yes, some enemies in certain parts of the game do respawn. Like zombies and plague crawlers and stuff, and if you need to backtrack for any reason later n the game, some monkeys might pop back up. Have fun man, Zero is the last of the classics, even though Resi 4 is super old school and classic at this point in time, just picked it up for PS4 and it is definatly a gem.
So the leech zombies actually appear twice... Two appear in the west wing, and two appear in the east wing (Marcus estate). I already finished the game, gonna do it again on hard mode.

And indeed, this was a classic, tank controls with updated graphics - does not get any better than that.


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The only way to kill them is with Cocktails if I recall. I haven't played it since it came out on the Game Cube. That game has a special place in my heart and I'm not exactly impressed with the downgrades the remaster got....