Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

Warriors All-Stars (PS4 pro)
Dynasty warrior game but with crossover characters from all popular Koei Tecmo games.. It was fun playing through the characters I personally enjoy most. It dosen't run too well even on a PS4 pro and it look very.. bad! It would be excuseable if this game was a PS Vita release also.. which I really think it should have been. Overall a fun dynasty warrior game but nothing special at all.. except from the characters / story.


Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)
First time I played through the first Adventure, years ago I played through the second game and I did like it. I know most people say this one is worse in some ways but I found this game being less frustrating and overall more fun.. Maybe I need to re-visit Adventure 2. Regardless both games are really great and in my opinion UNDERRATED. Sure it could have used some more polish.. but this game released like a year after mario 64 and this game really is a generation ahead and it don't get enough praise for it. Still holds up really well and is easy to pick up and enjoy.

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