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Now, here is a fun idea, if you were to make the Anderson Verse, how would you do it?

A few rules; you can remake any of the movies as you see fit, be it one, a few, or all of them. You cannot exceed the 6 movies, but you can trim them down for your own purposes. Alice still have to be included at least one of the movies, but she is at your mercy. I can't wait to see your ideas, i'll plant my own ideas later


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I wouldn't have nerfed Rain for Alice's sake. I would've killed Alice within the first two films. I wouldn't have so heavily relied on the cloning aspect. I definitely would've showed more respect to my own story as it evolved rather than rushing the films out to keep up with the games (which makes no sense anyway because I don't think the games are closely related enough to be translated into direct movie sequels).

I feel like one of the major downfalls of Anderson's universe is that he's married to Milla. He made so many bad (story) judgement calls because of this. And the second major downfall in my opinion is the blatant lack of sense or cohesion between the films.

I liked the first Resident Evil a lot. It was relatively original, I liked all the original characters and I liked the Hive and it's design. The music was amazing, the acting was ok and it was all around pretty solid. After that I feel like it started getting too big for Anderson to control. He started chasing too many ideas and never really sticking to one. 'Identity crisis' is a term that comes to mind.

I'm not sure of an exact plot I would employ, but if he had approached the rest of the series the way he approached the first movie I may have liked the series as a whole more.


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The first RE film was the best film, however - there are a lot of issues with it.

It relies on The Hive and Red Queen being too big of characters in the scenario. I did enjoy it to a degree, but it didn't have a Resident Evil feel to me at all. The zombies themselves are downplayed a lot.

In the film, there are only really two enemies - the zombies, and one single mutated licker that is the final boss of the film. That's not great especially when the games give the films so much opportunity to show off great monster design.

Alice is a fine character in the first film. Apocalypse Alice is the most ridiculous version fighting fist to fist with Nemesis. That took all of the fear out of the film. There was no fear is it at all!

If I had to edit the film series, I would make it much closer to the games. We should start in the Spencer mansion. And if we need a new character, sure, Alice is fine. But let's keep the story as similar to the games as possible without making it a direct copy and paste.


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I would've tried to stay as true to the lore of the games as possible. For me though, I feel the main character should be Jill Valentine and noone else.

But first, I would've included a prologue sequence of around 5 minutes taking place in 1966 during Oswall E. Spencer's expedition to Africa with Ashford, Marcus and Bailey. After some quick encounters with snakes and crocodiles which kills some of their other team members, the prologue would then end with them finding the Stairway of the Sun, with a final shot of Spencer touching the flower with with a glorious smile on his face.

Then a montage along with the usual "Random Pictures presents", "A Film by Random Director" would follow, that shows images of the t-Virus being developed back in the states, along with newspaper clips of Umbrella becoming the world's biggest pharmaceutical company, and so on. The montage would end with a "30 years later" text.

After that, the movie would start and pretty much follow the story of the original RE, with some alterations and additions to fit the movie format. For example, I would've first included a scene taking place at the Raccoon City Police Department, where Chief Irons holds a special meeting for Alpha team together with Captain Wesker. This would take place in broad daylight, showing Raccoon City as being vibrant and full of life. This special meeting will be important to establish our characters and their relations, and how close friends they are (especially Jill and Chris) and how they like to joke around with each other. Chief Irons will explain that Bravo team has gone missing up in the Arklay Mountains, and that this information hasn't been revealed to Alpha team until now. It's important to show that both Irons and Wesker DON'T want to rush and investigate their loss of contact right away, and that they have to give it some time before sending a rescue mission since they don't yet know what has happened. But most members of Alpha Team will be reluctant to wait, and will insist on preparing for a mission that same night. I also think it would be interesting to portray Wesker as a non-villain from the start whom is unaware of his origins, instead showing him as being kind and assertive at the same time. Its much more likely that this version of Wesker would be respected by his team members.

Everything will then proceed as normal up until they reach the Spencer Mansion. To make for a more interesting film, I'd place Jill, Chris, Barry and Wesker all together in this scene, before they decide to split up 2 and 2. Wesker will begin to feel strange and have seizures, and say that it feels like the mansion is speaking to him. One way or another, both team-ups will run into trouble and split up as well, and then Jill will be found by Chris. I'd cut out Rebecca from most of the plot, instead focusing on Jill and Chris's friendship, as well a completely new plot involving Wesker finding a source in the mansion that reveals his origins - turning him insane.
There would of course be some focus on the mystery aspect of the game as well, something which I think is vital to the original story. Jill and Chris will find clues leading up the devastating story behind Umbrella and the creation of the virus.

Of course, there will be action too, but I'd limit the action to being more of self defense during scary attacks with zombies suddenly popping up. Then, I would have the Tyrant being released earlier around the film's midpoint, since I think a Terminator-like hunt after Jill and the others through the mansion would make for some very scary and exciting moments. I think team members such as Richard can die during this hunt, to show how dangerous and brutal the Tyrant is. Insane Wesker will of course be an interesting aspect of this part as well, and in one scene near the end he will submit himself to the Tyrant on the grounds of the mansion and be seemingly "killed" by it. Of course, the film's climax will show Jill and Chris with the help of Barry and Rebecca finally defeating the Tyrant and then escaping the mansion in a helicopter, before blowing it up.
The final scene of the film will show an Umbrella helicopter landing near the destroyed mansion, with two soldiers picking up the wounded Wesker and carrying him onto the helicopter where none other than Oswall E. Spencer sits. Once Spencer is told by one soldier that Wesker seems to be alive, Spencer simply replies "Good. We have much work to do" and the movie ends.

That's my take on it. Of course there are many people who would strongly dislike what I did to Wesker's character, but I think this way works better in a film adaptation. Also, I think by telling the story like this it sets up sequels in a much better way.
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ok, I think that this would work as a trilogy...maybe adding in a 4th if i feel like it. I would still have Alice as a main character, but she will have no super powers, no clone BS, no zombie apocalypse, and no incompetence from Umbrella...i hope.

Resident Evil:

Prologue is explaining about what Umbrella is all about, possible from Alice, and about the mysterious deaths in Raccoon Forest, and that she is going to find out what is going on. Title Sequence!!

We are in Raccoon city, and we meet with Alice as we find out she is a investigation Journalist as she has a wall map about the murders and how are they connected to Umbrella. The reason for the connection is because she had an inside man who gave her some info, but disappeared along time ago. The only clue she has is a few pics of the Spencer Mansion and that is where the insideman went to before she lost contact with him. He also gave her info on what they are doing...but the extent is human experimentation since he didn't give her much. In order to solve this mystery, she decides to go to the mansion herself.

Somehow she does...i haven't figured it out, but then she is chased by Cerebes and ends up at the mansion. And what do you know, it just so happen to be when Alpha Team arrives consisting of Jill, Barry, Wesker, and Rain...or at least someone like her. Chris won't be in this movie, i'll save him for later. Jill and Barry rescue Alice, and they would have to stick together to survive, at the same time discover the secrets within. Alice would have some skill using a handgun, and help with puzzles since...ya know. There are Zombies, Cerebus, Hunters, and the Tyrant, but will save him for later. The only survivor of Bravo team would be Rebecca and would find her. As the movie progress, the gang would find clues about the true nature of Umbrella, and Alice would meet with her inside man...who happens to be her boyfriend either zombified or possibly still alive. If he is alive, then he would expose the truth, and also about the Tyrant as he is trying to go down the underground lab to destroy the mansion. They go along with this plan, but whisker is still the traitor and has blackmailed Barry to help him. He takes them hostage, and shows them the Tyrant. He is very much loyal to the company, or rather Spencer and because of this, he will be greatly rewarded. Barry turns the tables, getting into a one-on-one fight with him being injured but still alive. The Tyrant does escape, and attack the group. The boyfriend is killed here, but activates the self destruct button. Wesker...i guess he still let himself get killed or just faked it to escape with a mcguffin, either way, he gets away. Rain ...could sacrifice herself to save the others or she gets to live...but the tyrant is defeated, and they are picked up and blah blah. Wesker is reporting to Spencer that despite being survivors, he completed his mission and maniacal laugh time.

i'll do the other two later