Jake for a fun game

Hey, ever since Resident Evil 4, hand to hand combat has been one of the big add ons to the Resident Evil franchise, like melee attacks and stuff. Even Resi 3 had a little dodge action going on.
Anyway, Resident Evil 6 tried capitalizing a little bit more on that aspect, even introducing a stamina bar and all. Now I know Resident Evil isn't a close combat type game, but considering all the different areas of fun between Umbrella Chronicles, and Operation Raccoon City, even Umbrella Corps, I think there should be just one game, with an intense melee aspect, and it would feature JAKE! He is definately the strongest single player to play as in the Resident Evil series, has some good moves in 6 even, and he has those super powers similar to Wesker. Even in Code Veronica, we see that Albert has some super powers goin on beyond using a gun.

Im not saying this is where the franchise should end up, just one game for fun, maybe Revelations 3 or something, and it could have Ninja Gaiden like combat, and there will even be a power bar, like to use your virus powers or something fun. Just something ive been pondering after playing as Jake and seeing his incredible ability in 6. Anyone else think this is a decent idea for Resident Evil?
Even Piers at the end of 6 had crazy powers to use and it made for a different feel. With all the virus' goin on in Resident Evil, we can play as a hero who is able to utilize his gift and make for a fun gameplay.


Stray Jedi
Jake is strong, but I wouldn't see any sense of believability if he ended up fighting like in a Ninja Gaiden style game. Maybe a beat em up type game could work. I'm not so sure how well that would go over with fans though.