Is this game truly the greatest game in the franchise?

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RE2 is still my favorite game in the franchise, and still my favorite video game of all time. I'm sure I have some compelling reasons for why it's great and all, but nostalgia is definitely the biggest factor for why it's still my favorite. I mean I found games like Outbreak, 5, 6, and both revelations to have way more replay value, graphics of more recent entries are obviously superior, the controls of 2, while I love them , certainly leave something to be desired, and the story, while compelling, was far from extraordinary. So despite knowing that other games are better in a lot of respects, I don't see RE2 budging from the top spot any time soon.


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Well, you know, the concept of a zombie apocalypse in a city and having to get out of it was an appealing concept in the 90's. Plus the game was way longer than RE 1, and we got new characters, one connected to the good ol' Chris we know and love. Plus, more story, the multiple forms of Birkin... RE2 was an improvement and a good sequel, and it is more loved than 3 since in 2 the concept was new, or at least that's my opinion. Also, it feels more classic than 3, even if 3 was released a year later, I don't know, it just has that feeling.


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Not really. Nostalgia makes things appear 1000x times better than what they really are. But regardless it depends on the person.

For me RE2 was a step up. It's in a city with atmospheric music, a likable cast of characters, enemy placement, and item placement. Puzzles were pretty fun (If stupidly illogical for the places.) And the events were pretty cool too.

Is it the best RE? That's subjective. But I do like it. However as far as uniqueness goes. I think CV was higher.
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RE1 remake is the greatest game in the franchise imo. It does everything the original formula did to perfection even better. It's probably the most perfect remake in any forum of media.


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In my opinion, RE2 is the greatest game in the franchise for a multitude of reasons. However, you have to look through the lens of the time period.

RE2 perfected the two person zapping system storyline they built from the first game. Not only could you play both scenarios, but you could actively effect the other scenario. No one RE has been able to pull this off in a sufficient manner leading to the main issues most fans have with the RE2 REmake. Playing through the B storyline which is about 20% Easter Eggs from the A campaign is one of the most rewarding experiences in video game history. Period.

The updated graphics from the first one are amazing. The update sounds were on par with what the games would have for the 10 years. The storyline added to the story from the first one. We had two of the most fear inducing final bosses in RE history in William Birkin AND Mr. X. The RPD is among the most iconic locations in the franchise and the Umbrella Labs are connected to mythos from over 4 other RE games.

It is the perfect sequel. If you weren't around at the time the game came out, I wouldn't argue that you might find newer games to be better because you couldn't appreciate the outdated looks and feel of the game like you could when it was new.

And I will leave off with this final notion: The original REmake is the best remake ever made. It improved the original game so much that you will probably never again have to play the original RE game. However, the REmake 2, while a technical marvel and one of the best games of the year couldn't completely and adequately remake the RE2 experience. If you want the full RE2 experience, the original game is still the way to go over 25ish years later.


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Resident Evil 3. I played RE since the first one came in in the 1990s and stopped after finishing RE4.

I really liked the nemesis thing and he can enter the room you are on if you are not careful, the gunpower you can mix and make stuff, and the music (also the end game credits music when you beat the game is nice too)

One thing i did hate though... is anytime when you load or start a new game and choose difficulty, it just sais "RESIDENT EVIL" not RESIDENT EVIL 3.

Like the first RE but its suppose to be like that because its the first one. I grown to accept it though over the years because it was the same for RE4.

RE2 is neat for it's individual disc for leon and claire.
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RE4 for me is the best among all re franchises...i do say all re games are good on there on way...but re4 just takes the cake and i hope they make new re after the events of re4


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Resident Evil 2 is very close to Resident Evil Code Veronica X when it comes to my favorite game in the series, with CVX only barely taking first place.

I feel that RE2 did lots of things right - the locations were memorable, the soundtrack even moreso, the story was good (and interesting), it was a good sequel (which is hard to do in general), the characters were sympathetic and the game was scary. There's really not much to not love about it it my opinion. When I think of Resident Evil in general I think of Resident Evil 2.


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Agreed - And here is one of the biggest things about RE2:

It made a great sequel that only loosely followed the original game. That is such a risk, but it paid off so well. When they dropped Eliza and made Claire Redfield - Capcom did themselves a service in connecting to the first game as much as possible without remaking the same game with the same characters. Their risk paid off hansomely.
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Absolutely. It feels like a giant improvement from RE1 in many ways and it still aged really well. Story, weapons, characters, action, ( I personally like the campy and over the top nature of RE and this was the game that started to focus on action more instead of RE4, it focuses on action and over the top nature more than the 1st game. Don't like how they took out some of the fun elements of the previous RE games in RE7 ( and even in RE2 Remake ) and nerfed it for a generic horror game. ) soundtrack, locations and more.

Oh and it has best credits theme:

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CV will most likely always be my favorite of the RE games but RE2 is probably my second favorite. Either that or REmake.
Also really love RE5 and Rev2.
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