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Resident Evil 7 If RE6 was recived well..


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Sep 21, 2019
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I wished they made a sequel to re6 storywise and continued the action horror trilogy while improving the gameplay formula even more. Didnt like how re7 felt like a messy reboot wannabe game.

I know this wont happen with re8 and re9 cause capcom will make them in similar style to re7 but maybe continue it with revelations games or as other spinoff series.

Also ı want jake, sherry, helena and moira to return in the future. There are more characters other than these 4 ı want to see in the future as well but from new characters; ı want to see these 4 most.

Capcom should release a game like Merc's 3D on current gen. Every character, with every previous costume, make new costumes too, new characters thst haven't been included in mercs before like Richard Aiken, Forest speyer, Billy Coen, Carlos, Nicholai ( yes i know they were included in the RE3 mercs but not with the current style of mercs) etc. Every previous map from 4,5 & 6 mercs, make new maps like the Spencer Mansion, RPD, the clocktower, hospital and Park from RE3, Alfred's mansion, the training facilty from Zero etc. And make new stipulation's like every time you get up to a 50 combo, drop a tyrant or Nemesis or Birkin in on you for a ton more points! Id pay for that Capcom.
Completely agreed. I would like to see a spinoff dedicated to mercenaries as well though it shouldnt be exclusive to one platform. I dont like how re7 didnt have that. Let's hope they dont cut it in re3 remake.


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