How would YOU restructure Resident Evil 2? And 3?


(Illustration: Resident Evil 2 Black Edition Mod)

Okay, now we have some fuzzy idea of what Capcom is doing with RE2:make: they'll do it more realistic, more violent, the environments way more damaged, the gameplay will be more fluid, visceral, and basically reinvented from scratch, and from what we've seen, the progress will be more unpredictable, less puzzle-based.
We can also expect new locations, slightly modified events and extended environments (we're certainly going to see more of Raccoon City and of the sewers, and potentially a lot of new rooms and new locations, if Resident Evil 2002 is any indication).

But what would YOU do with the story structure of Resident Evil 2 ?

Would you make it more streamlined? More violent? Would you remove or add elements? Maybe both? Would you mix it with Resident Evil 3? Maybe Outbreak? Would you change some characters' fate, actions or psychology?

Try to imagine. What would you do?