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i might have posted this a few years back, but this websites design has changed a lot unfortunatly
and a few more games are out anyway

but how would you rate the individual games in the series on a scale from 1-10?
im mostly curious about the main games but feel free to add the spinoffs or even movies

here my list, while i love outbreak and kinda like some other spinoffs ill just write the main series here

resident evil - 10/10
resident evil 2 - 10/10
resident evil 3 - 10/10
resident evil cv - 8/10
resident evil remake - 10/10
resident evil 0 - 8/10
resident evil 4 - 8/10
resident evil 5 - 3/10
resident evil revelations - 1/10
resident evil 6 - 2/10
resident evil revelations 2 - 7/10
resident evil 7 - 10/10
(ill edit in remake 2 when i played it)


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What is your scale based on? Personal enjoyment? Quality? Or how each game fares as a Resident Evil game? Just so it's easier to rate them, because even if I dislike RE5 as a Resident Evil game, I wouldn't want to give it a low score because it's still a very polished and well made game that succeeds in doing what it set out to do.


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I will only rate the ones I've played or is basically almost finished playing through.

Resident Evil 3 - 9/10, the first RE game I played as a kid in the 90's so it has a nostalgic feeling to me. Great blend between survival horror and action. Nemesis is amazing as an unstoppable villain.

Resident Evil 7 - 6/10, very intriguing in the first couple of encounters. However I strongly disliked the latter part of the game, and I never really cared that much about Mia.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 8/10, its basically what got me into RE as an adult. A very entertaining game with fun gameplay and a very decent, engaging story. Most importantly it made me jump my seat a good amount of times.

Resident Evil Remake - 10/10, my favorite game in the series so far. Words simply can't describe how much I like it. It's a masterpiece in terms of gameplay, story, sound, buildup and tension. Completely timeless.

Resident Evil 0 - 7/10, I like the graphics, gameplay and overall atmosphere simply because it looks like a sister game to the 1-remake. But it's sadly inferior in terms of story and overall enjoyment. Plus many of the monsters and boss fights are way too frustrating. I've played 90's game that are easier than this one. As of this moment I'm still stuck in the final boss fight.


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What is your scale based on? Personal enjoyment? Quality? Or how each game fares as a Resident Evil game? Just so it's easier to rate them, because even if I dislike RE5 as a Resident Evil game, I wouldn't want to give it a low score because it's still a very polished and well made game that succeeds in doing what it set out to do.
well i suppose i rate them mostly from how fun i think they are to play, the storylines are changing from game to game anyway so not much to pay attention too, i also think its important to be able to have fun with the game more than one time, re6 for example kinda did entertain me the first playthrough, but second time i tried it i got bored, revelations 1 had some fun moments but the swimming parts ruined the game for me, so most of all its fun factor and if i enjoy to play it over and over again


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Hmm. Well, probs the oddball in this fanbase but here goes. This'll be the games I played and mostly finished and on a scale of personal enjoyment.

Resident Evil 1 - 0/10
This is entirely on me. I've never once enjoyed the first entry in any game series. It does not matter what series it is, even my favorite series are not safe from this, I found RE1 boring, dull, and honestly, my biggest threat in the game was staying awake while I attempted to play it for the first time.

Resident Evil 2 - 8/10
Found it enjoyable, I never found myself frustrated or bored, while as per RE standard, voice acting was terrible and despite my personal gripes with the story, it was honestly the closest I come to having enjoyed the classic RE. Although having something chase you isn't my cup of tea and those segments with the tyrants are more groans of dread at being rushed rather than fear.

Resident Evil 3 - 6/10
Suffers a little bit from what I experienced in RE1, left me bored, I didn't exactly have a care for Jill also hurt it quite a bit.
Also from personal memory it felt a little too linear for my liking having to backtrack really long hallways just for a minor object I missed. It was on me, but still wasn't a great first impression.

Resident Evil 4 - 7/10
A pretty fun game, it was rather an enjoyable experience and had the perfect mix of horror and action early on, but just had a large shift in the later portions that felt like it came out of left field and was just slightly frustrating. Also instakills at every corner is still relatively annoying. Same with QTEs.
Mercenaries was great though.

Resident Evil 5 - 9/10
Improved RE4, decided it was going to be campy and ridiculous and ran with it the whole nine yards, I appreciate that. I also appreciate that it wasn't as QTE heavy like it's predecessor or sequel.
Campy as all hell story, super hammy dialogue, some ups and down with the story, but all the other content such as online and mercs covered for that games flaws in the story, it used it's mechanics to the fullest in those modes. I have very fond memories going online and helping others in the campaign. The co-op was fun and relative to the classic RE games I found the VA was cheesy, but actually good. It grabbed everything it had and ran with it.

Resident Evil 6 - 8/10
While I believe the story as both a whole and individually was mostly garbage, the character interactions, voice acting, co-op, made up for where most flaws were concerned. Most locations are rather well made and even balanced, even on the hardest difficulty. (Professional. No Hope was an addition iirc.)
Probs the only game where the movement was on your side and not you having to learn to manipulate it.
Mercenaries also reached the peak in this game.

Resident Evil 7 - 5/10-
Personally, First person games are not my cup of tea so I already was going to enjoy it significantly less than any other game in the series.
It has a good feel starting off, but around mid point, it just does a screeching halt. (I believe quite literally the moment Jack kills himself the entire game just does a major shift imo.)
The second half of the game was not very fun for me, and it felt like a blemish on the first half since just like RE4, it came out of left field.
Extra content modes are also ehhh. So I don't enjoy the game anything past the first playthrough.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - 7/10
Fun budget game, feels like a arcade-style game. Also campy, but the story is meh at best. Also have a lot of gripes with the story and character's logic, even among the other games insanity, they just are stupid in this sub series and just oof. Designs are not to my liking either and to be quite frank, the game doesn't exactly use it's mechanics to the fullest like the Raid mode does which is odd to me.

But like literally every action RE game, the extra content make those games very enjoyable when otherwise I wouldn't, so I appreciate it.
The RE series is up and down for me. The classic games were all over the place for me. And I found a few of them to just not be fun for me in the slightest. But hey.

Honestly speaking, I enjoyed the spin off games much more than I did the main series because they tried something weird and it just worked.
But I love the lore, characters, world, and design of the Resident Evil series so I still stick around.
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Resident Evil 2 - 10/10, for nostalgic reason it's my favorite, since it was the first RE, I ever owned.

RE2 2019 : 9/10
Very good remake, with enough things kept the same, other reimagined.

R1 remake : 10 / 10. Classic gamestyle. Great mood. Still looks nice and spooky. Like the addition of Lisa Trevor.

Code Veronica : 8 / 10
One of my favorites as it picks up, where Res2 left off. Some annoying sections take points off from a score of a perfect 10 / 10

RE4 : 10 / 10. Best of the more action oriented games. I still feel like I'm isolated from outside world, with monsters who are trying their best to kill me.

RE5 : 6/10
Resident Evil - Black Hawk Down.

RE6 : 7/10
Another action game, but more enjoyable than 5. Convoluted plot. Some new revolutions about this old Family, we had never heard before, whose current head had ties to the president's office created a new outbreak, because the president was going to go public about the Raccoon city incident. The stupid plot about creating a clone of Ada Wong, because she didn't love him... and so on. Also no real files or diaries to read. Only those lite ones, you get by shooting the blue medallions.

RE7 : 8/10
After 6 I was in for anything, that would dial back all that nonsense. I actually like the fact, it doesn't have any real connection to the events in the other numbered games. In that regard it reminds me of a little bit of RE4, that at that time had a pretty self contained story. I also like how it took cues from other horror films. Not just from zombie or Michael Bay ones.

Revelations : 10 / 10
After 6, it was good to get back to more horror themed game. The episodic nature of the game was something different. A bit corny at times, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Revelations 2 : 10/10
Same score, but I actually like the second 2 better. More focused plot and it also feels more like a numbered entry. Was glad to see Claire back and we finally got to see she-Wesker in person.

No score for the original, because I have not played it in years. Also, I've only played Nemesis once, last year, if anyone could believe that. All, I can say, it felt difficult, because of the tank controls. Somehow I can get used to the tank controls in the other games, but for some reason, it was like I played with the controls for the first time and found it annoying trying to fight / evade Nemesis.

RE0 - 8/10
Different. Opera singing leach monsters, made to look like the younger version of one of the original founding members of Umbrella. Character switching done a bit differently.